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Just one of those perfic days

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Got up this morning and just needed to blow the cobwebs from 3 days of Christmas excess out of my head, grabbed my helmet, gloves and jacket, kissed the wife, informed her of what general direction I was intending to travel in and told her I would be back in a couple of hours.

    Headed out from Beigewick and up the South Gippie towards the Lang Lang turn off, and then onto Kurumburra for fuel. Rang the wife from there and told her I may stay out for 4hrs. Back on the bike onwards to somewhere, that somewhere finished up being Woodside Beach, via Port Albert for coffee and toasted ham sambo, and another phone to my wife letting her know I may be late home. Back on the bike and decided to run up through the hills to Morwell via Gormandale. Excellent road and not a radar or copper anywhere, (in fact I only spotted one all day and he was in Beigewick). Stopped at Macca's in Morwell for another coffee hit, rang the missus again, said I'd be home before dark. Saddle up and start heading home along the Princess Highway (read bloody boring road), got toTrafalgar and decided to hang a right and head up to Yarra Junction, via Willow Grove and Noojee. I figured by this stage that I had aready phuct any chance I had of making it up to my wife, so I may as well get hung for being a wolf instead of a sheep. Here is a map of my "2 hour" ride, http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=d&...,146.464233&spn=1.110651,2.458191&t=h&z=9left left home around 8:30 this morning and finally parked the bike back in the garage at close to 19:30 .

    Needless to say I have no more cobwebs.

    p.s. wife hasn't said much to me either.
  2. Wifey says it sounds like most of my rides.

    me: Back in a few hours
    Wifey: yeah, see you tonight. be careful, call me when you get there and when you're leaving.
  3. Hmn sounds like inspiration for me tomorrow, weather looks great, i might just go exploring