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just not fare

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sparky, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. :-({|= I Live on a main road in frankston and here i am doing work on
    the house rennos and stuff ,sunny day and all i can hear is bloddy dam
    bikes going passed by! bike in shed and some things go by tootting at the
    house maybe some friends go by and if find who that thing is well!
    {stop in and help] well it is late the sun is going down i am going to have
    #!$ beer :( :-#

  2. Ha sparky I had to go to the mother-in-laws for her birthday...

    You think you had it tough!!

    I wish I was on the road to Alexandra.
  3. Went up for a ride today then had to come home and do the lawns.

    Yes it was a nice day for a ride what a shame you two could not come.
  4. Fare = air fare, bus fare.

    Fair is what you were looking for.

    i'm getting in before smee does :)
  5. Yeah it really sucks, I had to tag along with Gsxr1000 and a bunch of others and ride all the way to Alexandria and back....... God I hated it......NOT
    :-({|= :-({|= :-({|= :-({|= :biker:
  6. That's a long ride.

    Alexandria is in Sydney isn't it, maybe you meant Alexandra?
  7. Alexandria is in Egypt.
  8. Yeah we really had it tough & well my house reno's will still be there when the weather is not so gr8 & no bike shows happening!
  9. Smee, Alexandria is in Egypt but it's also in Scotland, I was born there. Even longer ride than to Egypt.
  10. Yes - but a damn sight colder! :)
  11. Sorry , edited as i put it in the wrong post :shock:
  12. Midnight the paint fumes must be getting to you.