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Just need a bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Whitey, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. Just got my L's today. Did the 2 day course at HART. Great instructors and really helpful at guiding you with correct methods. GS500 or VTR250? I have chosen to go the VTR as I can get a late (ish) model in good condition with low k's without spending a fortune on a first bike. I don't need to do a lot of freeway riding so this should be a good choice and is a bit lighter.

    See you on the roads soon. (after the carparks and lots of practice)


  2. Congrats and nice choice of bike ;)

    Although either would have been good!
  3. how much?
  4. Congrats mate! And be safe out on the saddle lots of cagers out there out to kill you.
  5. Congrats on getting your L's. My son rides a VTR that we bought new in 2007. It now has around 20,000K's on the clock. It has been used for learning, weekend scratching, the odd commute and some fairly long weekend trips in company with guys on more powerful machinery. It has never given a moments trouble and is fun to ride. It's only drawback is that, like all other 4 stroke 250's it works quite hard when cruising at higher speeds and you need to be careful when overtaking traffic travelling at around the open road legal limit, 'cos the acceleration from 100 isn't exactly electrifying :!: It has the additional benefit, in my opinion, that it is unfaired. It is not difficult to drop a bike when new to the game and repairs/replacement of fairings can be expensive. Fit a set of Oggy knobs and you shouldn't do too much damage if you do drop it (gently).
    Enjoy your bike whatever you decide on :!:
  6. I'm looking at 2004-2006 models for around 5-6k at the moment. I know for a first bike many will say to spend less, but I prefer the look of the later model over the earlier one. I know they are reliable but would still prefer lower k's on the bike. Depending on use I probably won't be upgrading as soon as I am off restrictions either, so a later model may keep me a bit happier for longer.
    Most cars (sorry, cages) I have owned have normally been relatively late models or purchased new so I prefer to have something that is not too old.
    Later model should help a little when resale does come around also.

  7. my sugestion would be a DRZ400sm.

    i rode one these the other day, and while it was underpowered for what i want, it would be THE PERFECT LEARNER BIKE! i couldnt believe how confident i felt on this bike. im certain i could ride it faster around the suburbs and twisties than my 750.

    to give you an idea of price, i was looking at an 06 model, less than 5000k, micron can, few other aftermarket goodies, asking $6300 but eventually took slightly less than $6k...

    that said, the VTR is a great 250 and you'll have a great time no matter what you pick.

    edit: just another thought, someone may have a different opinion. i think the VTR will hold its value slightly better than the DRZ. but you will outgrow the VTR before you get sick of the DRZ.