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Just moved to Tassie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by alexjennings, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Gday guys,

    Just moved to Tassie a few days ago! Im going to be here for a year in Launceston with my 2008 Yamaha R6. I'm living in South Launceston and attending the Australian Maritime College.

    Looking for a bit of advise.
    A) the GOD DAMN unmanned trailer speed cameras! How do they work! Are they only front facing (may not be riding my longer if they will hit the rear when you pass!)
    8) Do people ride all year round? Ice, or other things I need to be careful of in winter?
    C) Best place to get the bike serviced?
    D)best place to ride with twisties around launceston.

    Cheers guys. Hope you see you around.

  2. Lucky you! I can't answer your questions but I am envious of your situation
  3. I'm visiting next week but can answer A for you. Generally the tripods are facing the direction of travel and grab the rear while being hidden off the side of the road and left unattended.
  4. Hi alexjenningsalexjennings , you might be walking soon. Those builder style camera trailers can shoot front and back but only have a target range around 100m. Yep we ride all year just put on extra layers and get winter gloves, a balaclava/neck warmer and carry wet weather gear just in case. Watch for ice in mid winter particularly in heavily shaded areas but usually a frost is followed by a nice sunny day. Just remember the shaded patches may not thaw as they get no sun. "Sportsrider" in Launceston are reliable and easy to deal with (just down from City Park). From Launceston try The Frankford highway thru to Devonport or Scottsdale/Weldborough Pass - twisty heaven but watch the frost/ice in winter.
    Enjoy your Tassie time and visit the East Coast via Lake Leake then back home via Mt. Elephant/St. Marys. Around 350klms of bliss.
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  5. If you're on an R6 - then the best place to ride is called Symmons Plains Raceway ;) and if you feel like venturing south, Baskerville Raceway, which is often referred to as the best short course in the country

    We have the cheapest track days in the country, and your best best for up north is to get in contact with the TMCC.
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  6. Tassie track days is where it's at. Much better than the ones in Vic
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    When the road sign says "Black Ice Slow Down" - believe it :eek:

    Those little white speed camera "tradesman type" trailers are unusually hard to spot, even with a range of 100m I reckon they catch a lot out.

    Edit: Had a close look at one in Perth yesterday when heading to Campbell Town for the Black Dog, definately port holes in the front and rear:


    Welcome to Tassie.
  8. My visor iced up going through Frankford. That was a pleasant experience not being able to see the road at all. Lake Leake was brilliant, I then cruised down the east coast down to my mum's place.
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