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just moved to melbourne

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jez, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. hi all, just recently moved down here from wodonga, being a learner rider finding it very scary, can someone give me some good areas to ride, to get used to tram trax etc etc :shock:

  2. welcome mate
  3. Hi and welcome. I'm new to riding (on the road) and seem to live near you? I'm mainly just riding around North Road, Bambra rd + Hawthorne Rd at moment. There isn't too much traffic and the streets are fairly wide. Send me a PM if you want to catch up and possibly go for a ride etc.

    Hope you gain confidence quickly :)
  4. Hi Jez! Welcome aboard!!

    Riding pretty much anywhere in the metro area will give you experience with tramtracks.

    Enjoy Melbourne, but take it easy til you get the hang of it!

    :D :D :D
  5. A wise idea is to experiment with tram tracks in the dry... and then treat them like ice when the roads are wet. I know a fair few riders (even experienced ones) that have come unstuck on tram tracks in and around Melbourne.

    Other than that, welcome, and hope to see you on a few weekend rides. :D
  6. Riding into a coffee night can be a challenge :) You should get someone to follow in to practice cobblestones, slow riding and pedestrian dodging :wink:

    Not to mention you might hook up with a few people to ride with..or just have coffee! :)
  7. How I got hold of the tram track situation was to ride along Chapel Street. The traffic is always really slow moving, so it gives you an opportunity to ride along in slow moving traffic and cross the lines slowly without feeling you are holding up traffic. :D
  8. Hi Jez :)

    Slowly at first, build confidence by building experience, and always ride so that you can ride again tomorrow.
  9. Hi Jez,

    Welcome to the forums. I ride around that way quite a bit. I also ride from the end of North Rd along the beach rd often too. If you want to catch up for a ride, PM me - Undii, that goes for you too (or anyone who wants to ride around there).

    Splash, Clueless - I feel another midweek coffee ride coming up!
  10. Jez & undii,
    I am a few days into my L's, and live nearby in Chadstone. PM me if you are having a bit of a cruise around the suburbs and I will join you on the tram tracks.

  11. Always an option - schedule permitting :)

    Welcome to the forums Jez
  12. Greetings and welcome to the fold... hope to see you at a coffee night...

    And there are LOTS of good roads ruined by tram tracks around melbourne..... I would imagine that dandy road would be a good place to start just be extra carefulll

    Good luck and good riding!!!
  13. Welcome to Melbourne and safe, fun riding to you.

    Leanne :)
  14. thanx guys and girls, hopefully time permiting ill make it to coffee night one night soon,, undii, jimi, and scooter hoot no probs shall do,,
  15. welcome to melbourne Jez.
  16. Welcome to Melbourne, the city with 4 seasons in one day :)

    I'll catch everyone at coffee night this week. I'll ride my donkey across from work :p ..... on second thoughs, donkey on City Rd.... maybe not.