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Just moved to Melbourne and thinking of buying a house...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by QuarterWit, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Hey Melbournites!

    So, three weeks ago I move to Melbourne from Sydney, and I’m having a bloody awesome time down here. I’m currently living in Richmond and working in Altona. So far the weather, the people, the pubs, the bands have all been awesome.

    And much to my shock/horror there’s a bunch of suburbs that I can actually afford to buy in. For some reason Melbourne has expanded miles to the east, but nobody really lives in the west. Maybe I’m completely wrong, but Seddon, Footscray, West Footscray and the like are still quite cheap but only a few minutes from town and sometimes close to public transport. They remind me, on paper, of Marrickville and St Peters in Sydney 10 years ago.

    I’m single, young, stupid and have too large a disposable income so I’m planning on taking advantage of the above and getting myself a little bedsit for around 200k or so.

    So, the questions – does anybody live in these areas? Is there a reason why they’re so cheap? I was also looking at a flat around Yarraville, but the St Kilda area shits me right up the wall. Are there any other areas out west that are worth keeping an eye on?

    Cheers in advance!
  2. the reason they're cheap is that u go to work and come home to an empty house with a syringe on the floor, its not all that bad but my cousins house got broken into a few times. good luck with it though
  3. The west is where all the undesirables live (including the netriders who live that way...vic :LOL:) . The east is where the influential lives. I'd prefer to live further out east than inner west. :)
  4. There are plenty of areas with units/townhouses/bedsits within your price range, but first you have to decide on what you want from the area.
    Living close to the city has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Out in my area, for around $200K you can get a 2 bedroom townhouse with a gargage, extra parking spot and small yard(for my pooch),
    close to transport and the nightrider bus stops at the end of my street on weekends if I want to party in the city($5 bus,leaves every hour til 4am from the city to outter suburbs)
    No pollution(footscay/yarraville is smelly from diesel fumes of the trucks that are always about)
    Electric train has just started out here too.
    Plenty of nice rds to go riding, 45 mins from the twisties(30mins of which is nice country sweepers) Commuting time to the city is about 40 mins in peak hr, 25/30 any other time.

    My suggestion would be to rent in the area you think you might like to buy in for 6 months, then decide about buying, invest your capital in the meantime.
  5. If you're gonna go west go a little further, closer to where you work, Altona, point Cook, Hoppers Crossing/Werribee. Unfortunately the area's you have listed are a little 'crime heavy' for my liking, as has been mentioned.
    If you are working this side of the bridge, don't live the other side, you will spend too much time travelling each day, that's what the Eastsiders have to deal with. You can spend twice as much time travelling half the distance coming in from the East as I do from the West.
  6. Thanks guys!

    Triway, I was planning on staying this side of the bridge. I've had the chance to do a test run from out east, and there's no way in hell I could do it every day. Sydney-esque traffic. I'm also one of those people who crack it just sitting in traffic on the bike.

    I've got a good long term job here at Toll that pays well, so the plan is to stick it out here. Call me crazy, but parts of me thinks that Footscray etc can't be bad for all that long just due to their proximity to the city. No offence to our government-reliant brothers, but the odd technique of housing commission places makes finding a place a little more hit and miss. (Placed all over the shop rather than in a few suburbs)

    I didn't realise footscray was that bad! I've gone through there a couple of times and it seemed alright. Must get nasty after dark...

    Caz, thanks for your advice. I'd kill to have a garage and a little smoking yard, but I cannae imagine me doing that run every day. Proximity to the city is a major plus for me, and I just couldn't do it. Damn.

    Speaking with a co-worker a few minutes ago, he seemed to think that Flemington is a good idea too. Any opinions on this?
  7. Great

    I live in Kensington, right next to Flemington and can't rate the suburb highly enough (except in November, when traffic's a biatch!).

    Really handy to everywhere, great pubs, cafes and 10 mins right to the centre of the city. Maribyrnong River, lots of parks and well away from the industrial sections of the mid-outer west. Getting pretty pricey pretty quickly though. Average 2 storey townhouse - $400.
  8. I used to commute to Laverton (not far from Altona) everyday on the western ring rd, 30 minutes max on the bike.
  9. On the news this morning: Road rage incident in Footscray results in man being hit over the head with a brick. Recovering in hospital.

    Enough said. Thought about Melton/Bacchus Marsh? Houses are cheaper again, but will go up in value relatively short term. Crime is not as bad as Footscray - I'm quite comfortable walking the streets off my face at 3am.

    Only issue is you're moving out into V-Line territory. Another place I looked at buying was Sydenham/Taylors Lakes which is very expensive looking and in reach of common met trains etc. Good backroads straight to Toll in Altona as well. Not much crime, but there isn't a police station nearby if anything happens.

    BTW, my ex works for Toll in Altona. I feel sorry for you. :)
  10. http://www.communityindicators.net.au/wellbeing_reports/hobsons_bay

    A report comparing life in Hobsons Bay council area to the rest of Melbourne. The crime stats section is interesting - not as bad as was made out!

    I live and work in the area, and it's as good a place as any to live. The only thing it's far from is twisty roads.
  11. From Sydney to Melbourne, welcome to culture mate! West is OK so is East, me I like South East. Crime in the west is a lot lower than Sydney so all is good. What are your 5 year goals? This will determine where you buy.

    Me if I was young and fancy free I would look at the inner west.
  12. Have a look at greensbourogh good area,close to twisties and your right at the start of the ring road so no lights till you hit the city :wink:
  13. Many people have looked at the inner west and thought, "that's going to go off like a bomb soon" (price wise), because of the proximity to the city.
    So far that has only happened in a couple of spots (Newport, Yarraville), but eventually the price pressure has just got to take over and he area will boom.
    That doesn't mean the crime will go away (look at Fitzroy), but it will taper off as the area becomes too expensive for the real desperates.
    Have a look at Maidstone and Marybyrnong as well. There's a lot of development where old Defence land is being sold off, but some older areas as well. Or pay a little bit more and be in Brunswick (ok it's not cheap, but it is kewl :grin: )
  14. Might be a bit pricey....
  15. QuarterWit: grew up in bayside (sandringham) and recently moved to mordialloc, which is 25kms out of the city. the commute in (by bike) is a biatch.. and the 10 kms extra does actually make a big difference to me. cab fares home after a big night suck, but being near the nightrider (aka spew bus) bus-stop is fantastic.

    one of the girls at work (young, 22 with her bf from canada) recently bought an apartment in west footscray with her bf. i say go for it. spotswood, newport, kensington.. wherever i think all those suburbs will boom ... i must say i have been to donna's (donski) house and its a lovely area... if you can get somewhere near the maribynong river that would be nice too if you have a dog to walk or a pushbike ..

    also while east is good for hills, where i am mordi, is good for the peninsula.. west-sideee is closer to the great ocean road.

    west is the west , sydney or melb. my friend just had his place robbed in highett (bayside..ish) so goes to show it can happen anywhere. get contents insurance, and make sure if you buy an apartment its in a block with some kind of security.

  16. most criminals i know are from croydon and ringwood.

    f'n snobby lot you guys!! :p
  17. I think your original thoughts are right on the money... the west is gradually moving up market and you'll do better with your investment $ in property there than way out east.

    Personally I think the crime issue is well overstated... my better half lived in Avondale Heights most of her life and it's as safe as any other area... we spent a lot of time down at Footscray and Fitzroy too.

    I've got nothing against the east... I just don't think the value (or the potential capital gain) is as good as in the West.