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Just moved to Melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by LostTV, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Hi all, My real names Chris and I'm new to the Forum and also to Melbourne. I moved here 6 weeks ago with the family from Adelaide and my Bike joined me last week!

    I ride a Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS (White)

    Ive already been on a Ride through some of the amazing hills in Melbourne aka Gembrook with some friends and absoloutly loved it!

    I am mid 30's and a family man with 2 little ones to keep me busy and a partner to keep me on a time leash however I love to get out and ride when the weather calls for it.

    Be keen to go on some rides with anyone and everyone sometime.

    I am still on my Learners (almost 2 years later) but I am booked in to fly back to Radelaide on the 27th of Aug to do my Advanced Riders course and get my P's.

    I am going to be sneaky and keep my license an SA license for the 12 months required in order to then get my full Bike license before i change it over to VIC.

    Anyway, that's me, I look forward to participating more in the forums and possibly meeting some of you in the near future!

    safe riding,
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  2. A big Netrider welcome, Chris!!!
  3. Thanks mate!
  4. Welcome Chris, there's a few here in Adelaide :cool:
  5. Thanks mate, I still hold a soft spot for Adelaide! But Melbourne is the new place I call home.

    Coming back to do my Advanced Riders course though... any tips? ;)
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  6. Whoops, massive mis-read hehehe...

    Just change Adelaide with Melbourne hehehe
  7. Welcome...
    You should try joining Uncle Greg's epic rides on Saturday and Sunday.
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  8. welcome to Netrider and Melbourne Chris :)
  9. welcome aboard :)
  10. Welcome to NR Chris. I'm in Radelaide and have no plans to leave, except maybe for a road trip. :)
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  11. I will check out the Events tab and see if I cant tag along sometime!

    Thank you everyone for the welcomes :) happy to be here. Seems like a great group of helpful and nice people
  12. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Enjoy the ride....
  13. Yeah head down to Sat Training for a start, meet up with some locals and get to know the rides - some leave from there on Sat, or you can risk an uncle greguncle greg epic on Sunday as well (note you have to bring cake)....

    These rides will generally take you a little further East, we have glorious riding out here :)
  14. Who are you calling helpful and nice? Hahah

  15. Welcome to NR... And to Marvellous Melbourne..

    Come around to Elwood for the Saturday sessions.. Awesome place for a meet and greet. And for the Epic rides too.
  16. Hello and welcome, keep an eye out for Sunday rides.
  17. Welcome, what side of town you from?
  18. Welcome LostTVLostTV
    Check out the Sunday learners/new riders ride.
    It isn't held every weekend, and it won't appear on the events calendar, but if you watch the thread you will see when someone posts up a meet and ride. All directions from Melb, and often a full day, but a nice cruise often tempered for learners or newer riders.
  19. Welcome to NR!
  20. Haha thanks guys! appreciate it :)

    PompyPompy I am currently residing in Glen Iris but only for another week before I move in Melb CBD.

    Love having so many options in rides though! I am going to try and come out to all of them over time! Mrs doesnt like me leaving for entire days at this stage so getting out for a few hours is best I can do - at least until the midgets are a little older...

    Stever42Stever42 Ill be sure to check that out too!

    Thanks again