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Just Making Message Dissapear Too.. :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Prle77, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Yeah.. pesky little message

  2. 17 posts in nearly 2 years?
    I don't think anyone actually noticed you were here in the first place...
  3. well.. bit on a conservative side... :);)
  4. Oh.
    So there's no chance of you send me any nude photos then?
    Want some of mine?
  5. as long as you are female... :happy:
  6. I can wear ladies underwear if that would make you feel more comfortable?
    It would certainly make me more comfortable...
  7. nah.. I'm more into leather.. heheheh
    Jeez.. this is the biggest number of posts I've done in a day since I've signed up.. (y)
    better run back into my dungeon and hide...
  8. What the fvck did I just read?
  9. Wasn't me...
    he started it... :) Honest!!!:angelic:
  10. Maybe if you rock up with a van and candy he might be more willing.
  11. Just be thankful NiteKreeper actually asked if you wanted pictures of him in ladies underwear.
    Normally he just sends them anyway.
  12. Geez Gobbers, do you MIND?!
    I was trying to have a private conversation with a new candidate member, here!
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  13. I still haven't recovered.
  14. We need a chat room just for NK - "Groomer's Corner"
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  15. Will it change anything if I say that I'm only 12 years old??? Or would that bring extra kinkyness to the whole thing??? hehehe