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Just lucky, I guess...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Captain Seven, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. So, I had my first drop a couple of days ago. Very embarrassing, but nothing I didn't expect. It was always gonna happen at some point. But surprisingly enough, a completely unexpected and pretty cool thing came out of it.

    Rolled up to work, first peak hour/commute. Kinda stoked I made it without any problems. Pulled into the carpark, and rolled down into the small ramp that leads to the carpark underneath the building..about a 35 degree decline. Went to swipe my access card to raise the boom gate......nothing.

    OH DARN*

    So I'm stuck, facing downhill, no chance of my backing up, with a car or two behind me waiting to get in to the carpark.

    A regular person would have got off, gotten infront of the bike, pushed it back up and gone on their merry way. ME?

    Well, after a small panic attack, I got off, and tried to perform a 3 point turn, like an idiot. At whatever point, I lost my balance, and the bike pulled me over, falling down the decline, the wheels higher than the seat.


    After another, slightly larger panic attack, I went into Superman mode, picking up my 165kg bike in one go (least something went right) and not slipping a disk (booya). Parked my bike elsewhere, and walked crimson faced into my building.

    At no point did the guy in the car behind me, or anyone else watching, bother to come and help. Thanks guys, you're swell!!

    Anyway, not too much damage. More scrapes on the side fairing (some already there from a slide curtesy of the previous owner, and a broken front brake lever. No drama's, easy to replace, I thought.

    I've been having huge problems with my front brake, since I bought my bike. Enough braking power to be road worthy, but very squishy. I could touch the throttle grip without even trying. Tried bleeding lines, tried replacing piston seals, tried braided brake line. Nothing worked!

    This arvo, when I got home, I installed my new OEM front brake lever. After the finishing touch, I give it a yank. And it stops halfway. Feels like its brand new. Sweet, I thought, this is going to save me a fortune replacing the master cylinder and front caliper.

    All I can think of is that after the previous owners slide, he replaced it with the wrong lever or just got a cheap crappy one, meaning that the piston wasn't getting pushed in enough, and I was losing braking power.

    All in all, a lesson learned. Lesson 1 - Don't stress if you get stuck downhill, just breath and do what you gotta do. Lesson 2 - Don't expect help, people aren't always that nice, and would rather point and laugh. (hey, if I were them, I'd be laughing too) Lesson 3 - Happy accidents rock, and save money.

    Ok, I'm done :)

    *may be substituted for profanity
  2. Good that you got it out of the way, now you can get on with riding the thing!

    The other good thing about bikes, is that usually boom gates are no obstacle, there is usually enough room to get around if you need to. ;)

    Don't expect any help from cagers, they're much too comfortable to get out & help a biker, but oh well.

    Have fun!
  3. so I'm a bit confused. When you went to do the 3 point turn to go back up the ramp because of the card fail, you got off and tried to manually move it to face back up? and then when you tried to do this, you lost balance and the weight of the bike got too much on a weird angle and it got dropped? Is that what happened?

    Was there no intercom button to speak to anyone on the swipe card pole?

    PS: I think you just got unlucky with the non cager help. People here really are derogatory to car drivers, often unfairly IMO. I'm sure majority of us also own a car and still drive, even if it isn't the primary mode of transport anymore for them, so yeah - and most decent people would still help you, regardless if they are a truck driver, scooter, 4x4 etc. You just got an asshole behind you.
  4. Pretty much, Rahvin. Wasn't using the noggin well, at that moment.

    In retrospect, it would have looked hilarious.


    No intercom, or the like. But I've since found another sneaky way in, so I can avoid problems in the future.
  5. ride round the end of the boom gate??
  6. Hehehehe, good one mate.

    About the brake thing, I would never have thought of that, learn something every day. glad it's sorted.

  7. I agree, but I still wouldn't expect any help: if you get none you won't get all down on humanity cos you weren't expecting any, & if you do get some, pleasant suprise!
  8. Unfortunately, there's a giant kerb/girder in between the two boom gates, and was no way to pass. Bummer dude..
  9. Why didn't you do a 3 point turn whilst sitting on the bike? I don't get it.
  10. I was facing downhill at 35 degrees or so...
  11. Everytime I have been with a group that has a motorcycle accident (around 5 in less than a year) cagers have always helped. When I had my first minor off, I live on a dirt road which is a little steep, I took the corner too wide coming out of my drive and somehow ended up on the nature strip across the road, and then went down an embankment, with front wheel by itself in the air at this stage I bailed out (before I rolled back down the dirt road or came off the other side of the road (small 3 ft drop). I actually had a cager running over to help me, and almost tipped my bike over again. I was actually hoping that nobody saw. But then that could have also been because I am a girl. LOL :))

    Just bad luck for you.