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Just lost my faith in humanity

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Not4Resale, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. man in wheelchair bashed and robbed by Sydney teens


    Its not often that i'm speechless with disgust but this is one of those moments. I have zero compassion for these two little fu ckers.

  2. ye pretty bad, they bloke on the wheel chair got thrown out of the rsl club moments earlier for smoking the green stuff, so i reckon he was being smart to them, but still didnt deserve that, actualy no 1 does
  3. It's not really their fault mate, they had a personality disorder
  4. just disgraceful...I,like you N4R, find it hard to find the words needed.
  5. Disgusting.
  6. Please guys, you've got them wrong. They're just misunderstood, alone and terribly afraid.
  7. The guy in the wheelchair attacked them first, they said.
  8. Lowest of the low. And one of these mongrels had the audacity to say the the guy in the wheelchair hit him in the mouth first...now, I don't know about you, but I find that a little difficult to believe given the relative sizes and postions of the two of them.
  9. what strikes me is how the media gets a hold of the video footage so fast
  10. It's a conspiracy, they were set up.
  11. either way, it doesnt matter who hit who first. They beat him, excessively. They will be accountable to that. I'm surprised it wasn't given attempted murder. Scratch that, I'm really not surprised at all.
  12. They caught Little Punk Shit #1 and then Little Punk Shit #2 gave himself up to save his mate the trouble.

    I don't endorse police brutality... but hell, I'd understand it in this instance.
  13. I've spent a bit of time in a wheelchair of late and frankly hitting anyone older than prep/kindy/year 1 in the mouth represents a monumental challenge. Pure, simple lack of respect and discipline that disgusts me and makes me appreciate my own son more and more each day.
  14. he might have had a shanking stick. you never know.
  15. Mates of yours were they Lilley? ;)

    From the quick grab of the footage I saw it looked like they were approaching a blind corner from opposite directions and nearly collided, so not a huge leap to imagine it escalating from there.

    Still inexcusable. I hope they get made examples of.
  16. A guy I knew from High school got mouthy to a guy in a wheelchair and got his nose broken by the wheelchair guy.

    Those guys have arms like tree trunks and if they connect with your face can make a mess of you as this guy found out.
    (He deserved the broken nose too)
    What these teens did though is the lowest of the low.
  17. No. Since first reading this thread was quite cynical about the whole thing, liberal judges and all. Wouldn't be to surprised if they claimed some sort of mental imbalance, + young age and get away with a mild spanking.
  18. Yep they will give a sob story, doubt they will get any real penalties, maybe a bit of juvenile detention and a slate wiped clean as soon as they turn 18
  19. Um Hello!!! Who cares if the disabled guy hit them first, they have legs, they can LEAVE!

    They said the footage was pretty brutal, he has a compressed skull fracture after being hit with a steel pole...nuff said.
  20. The guy in the wheelchair should of kicked them in the nuts :shock:[-X