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just joined!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by DarthVader, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. Hey, just got a zzr 250 out the box, black and beautiful, clocked it up to 850 kms already. Got heaps of questions, like how far until I switch to the reserve tap, been filling her up regularly, this is the first run that I havn't and now up to 300 kms without a fill??? The classic "running in question" burn or cruise - i did note a forum that covers this a little. Can I get a 2 into 1 exhuast ? Why am I getting whiplash over 100 kms - helmet is s nitro - wind pulls my head back? ok - thast enough for a warm up -lets see what response I get.

    D :D

  2. Hello and welcome :D

    I have a zzr250 as well Nice bike good to learn on but now I need more power..

    300ks before reserve is great.. I get about that if I'm a good girl and dont trash it :oops:

    I can get mine up to 175 if ya interested in that..

    I also have the two into one exhaust :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: With the bung out :twisted: :twisted: Bloody sounds great, looks great .. People are always asking me if its an 800 :shock: :LOL: :LOL:

    Anyway enjoy

    Lisa :twisted:
  3. Thanks for the response! For the record- rode her to work today, took a peek in the tank and knew I had enough home, popped the RES on just in case - to avoid fumbling the switch on a freeway if RES kicked in. Got home - switched it back to fuel - and she ran for 5 mins without cutting out - tellingme I aint hot reserve yet. Daily trip entails about 15 KMS of over 100 kms/hr the 15 of city 60 km stuff - then return.

    Only taken her to 140 in 5th gear - 175 - keep talkin!

    Tell me more about this exhaust!!!
  4. Is that before,or after you push it off a cliff Lisa? :p :LOL:
  5. G'Day Darth Welcome!!

    You'll feel the bike hesitate as it runs out of fuel, reach down and turn the tap, you'll probably still have another 30+ km left to find fuel but as you get to know your bike you'll get a better idea.

    takagawa says he gets about 320km before hitting reserve in this thread

    Follow the manual if you need more info ring the manufacturer, they are the ones giving you the warrantee so best to follow their instructions as much as possible.

    No idea, perhaps someone can point you in the direction of a zzr250 forum....

    you are copping a fairly decent force from the wind at 100km/h (try turning your head to the side at those speeds to see the difference a slightly larger frontal area makes). You're are more than likely just not used to handling that force, with more exposure your muscles will likely become stronger to withstand it. But if you are in serious pain then perhaps a chiro or doctor might be the go to make sure all is in order. In the meantime you can always duck under your screen to lessen the impact.
  6. Thats coming up the cliff 8) to complete with an endo at the top.
  7. LOL!You wish! :p For that 2 into 1 your after mate i suggest you try Staintune or Madaz,they both advertise in AMCN regularly,id link you up but im tired and lazy! :p
  8. Thanks mate - point taken about the side head on approach, though I suspect it is the helmet. with the exagerated air vents on the top this seems to happen as my M2R helmet behaves very differently. As for ducking behind the fairing - good call, though when I had a FJ100 about 10 yrs ago, (just relicencing Aus) I dont rememer these experiences - I am just interested as to why a diference in about 10 KMs per hour causes a natural tend for my head to tilt back from force - the wind force shuld be the same - perhaps it is a wind tunnel design flaw of the zzr.
  9. point taken - thank you for the info - sorry to keep you up :) Just this aint my home town for the past 5 yrs - only got back into biking 3 weeks ago - so for some that view coles and woolys as second nature, for me at this stage, it is the same, any info as to where to find good bike stuff is a bonus -cheers mate.
  10. lol! :D Its all good buddy,im stuffed,but ill sit here and keep posting like a proper postwhore :p Well its great to see you're getting back into it mate!
    Here ya go, i got my hand off its lazy palm and did a quick search for ya! :p

    Im just a lazy bastard sometimes! :roll: :oops: :LOL:
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  12. good urls! you rock mate! thanks.
  13. No Wuckin Forries Matey! Hope they come in handy! :p 8)
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  15. Welcome aboard Darth.... hope ya enjoy dah forums ... good community :)


  16. Welcome aboard Vader! Not TOO much of the Dark Side here though!

    :D :D :D
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  18. LMAO :LOL: Yeah I am soo looking forward to getting my z750 :twisted:

    However it has been a really good bike to learn on..

    I've learned to get my knee down on it... and do a wheelie.. The two most important things LOL 8)

    Lisa :twisted:
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  20. Welcome DV!!

    Running in, well that's always a hot topic. It mentions it a little in the manual (think keep revs on the lowish for the first 1500kms) and then just start using 1/2 to 3/4 redline if you want. Others will be have better knowledge in this area.

    How long does ya fuel last...well depends on how you ride. I can usually get to 350kms before switching onto reserve. I managed to get 450km out of my ZZR recently (including reserve) - I couldn't believe it to tell you the truth. That's half city / highway speeds. But then again I do ride like a nanna and take it easy :LOL: - I don't expect that type of efficiency very often though!

    Thanks for you input on my stalling post too.

    Keep her upright and safe riding. :)