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Just joined

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by rebornbiker, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Hi all, got my L's end of January and bought a 2006 Honda VTR250. Riding every day and just wish I had done this along time ago. Planning on finishing test in May. Any recommendations or knowledgeable assistance about the bike warmly received. Am planning some minor cafe racer mods over the course of the year. Will keep you informed.

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  2. Welcome :cool:

    There are learner sessions that the guys here on Netrider do so get yourself to those, they'll help you out.
  3. welcome aboard :) congrats on the Ls & the bike
  4. Enjoy the ride. I would'nt spend good dollars on extras on your first bike. Wait to you upgrade.
  5. Hi and welcome.

    Try to resist the cafe mods.... keep it plain jane and it will hold value better when you sell it.
  6. welcome to Netrider! ....Saturday practice at Elwood is highly recommended! (y)
  7. Welcome to NR...

    +1 to Saturday practice sessions

  8. VTR250 good choice for a first bike and will sell easy when you can upgrade, but yep just ride it for now and save dollars for the next bike...
  9. Welcome and congratulations.

    I am quite fond of the little VTR. I am actually just doing a major service on my GF's VTR250 this weekend.
    As other have said, just look after it, service it and enjoy. If anything, maybe add a screen and a rack if you feel the need.

    When being this new to riding you will not have a fully formed idea of the type of riding you will enjoy. So stick with the bike and save the pennies for the upgrade when the time comes.