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Just joined

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tony R1100S, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Hello. I have just joined and am interested in receiving advice from members on the best swag and tent options for a ride of about 7-10 nights in late spring/early summer conditions. My bike is a BMW R1100S with panniers. I would like to limit weight and bulk on the passenger seat to retain a low centre of gravity and make it easier to mount and dismount. I have researched the web and YouTube. There are so many choices from Wombat Country Canvas, Oz Trail Biker swags, Colmans and Sahara biker domes. I thought the Blade 100'tent weighing in at 1.6 kgs was very interesting. Are lightweight tents a better option? Thank you. Tony

  2. If you are going to camp some luxury is preferable over cutting everything to the bone. Personally I don't like swags I find them claustrophobic. Side panniers are good, they give you low centre of gravity, waterproof and secure storage and a wide base to carry tent etc over the top. I use a 2 person pup tent but think I will upgrade. The ability to stand in the tent, and the tent having a vestibule for dirty or wet gear keeps your sleeping area cleaner.

    I have been thinking of one of THESE
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  3. This is really helpful. I certainly will take your advice seriously. I am sure my bike would appreciate the tent you propose as well! Thank you very much.
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  4. That's a fantastic tent cjvfrcjvfr... I want to buy it even though I may never go camping...
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  5. No worries, the other thing I have found invaluable is a rubber backed picnic blanket. It gives you better isolation in the tent from the cold of the ground.
  6. Ok...maybe next summer I'll try camping now. You've got some awesome ideas. ;)
    All These ideas should be on a stickie somewhere..
  7. There is a good thread in the Roads and Touring section

    Preparing for bike touring

    It is a great feeling waking up with the sound of birds and a nearby river. A fantastic pastime, I encourage you to try it Lazy Libran. Start with an overnighter and build your way up to a multi day trip.
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  8. I definitely will..that tent is good enough incentive. waking up in the mornings and looking at the bike is also another awesome thing. ;)
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    My Partner has one of these tents, it is well designed. We took a quick road trip to Casterton VIC earlier this year to try it out. It was lovely to be able to stand upright in it compared to my hiking tent. Grisso even shared the space comfortably UNTIL we needed to expand the 'kitchen'. This was our first motorbiking camping trip, tent was great BUT we need to be to be more compact!!!!
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  10. If you want advice on what gear you should have, go to the netrider site.
  11. You can get a good 3 person tent for under $100 on Ebay.