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Just joined

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Wrongturn, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Hi folks, Just a bit about myself, I'm pretty ancient, have 3 motorcycles- Triumph T100 Bonne, 750 Virago and CB1100 Honda. Live in South Aus, am a Ulyssian, love music, play a little guitar and uke, can't sing. Oh yeah, I'm male.

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  2. Welcome to the club Wrongturn. I'm pretty ancient myself but only have 1 bike and play a little piano and keyboards. Just need some drums and bass now :)
  3. from one newbie to another WELCOME!! Love the Luke, always fancied learning but no coordination with the left hand.
  4. Welcome to all three of yas!!! I'm a bit old myself, only one bike, it's old too, twenty years, I play guitar and sing, and since no-one gets up and leaves, I guess it must be ok!!
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  5. Howdy y'all, I can't sing or play a musical instrument except for my arse which can play a rather nice rendition of Beethoven's 5th.
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    Welcome to NR..

    Its a pity I don't have any talents. I'm lazy and my only talents are eating and drinking.

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  7. Hey WrongturnWrongturn you've made a right turn joining up so welcome to nutrider!
    I keep my talents a secret so that even I get a surprise when I find can do something :woot:
  8. welcome aboard :]
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    Hi WrongturnWrongturn and welcome to NR (y) Love listening to good guitar and drums, can hit few keys on a keyboard and sing a little (or a lot :whistle:), good with my pistol and rifle, enjoy riding my bike, can knit, cook and clean sometimes...