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Just joined up

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by BAS, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone, Just signed up. Hoping to find out more info on the ZX12R and hear from other riders of this bike. I just bought one andget it delivered this Wednesday. cant wait.. :grin: :grin:

  2. Welcome abord mate..

    I owned an 05 ZX12R before the 14.. What year did you get ??

    What do you want to know about them ??
  3. I bought an 04. after test riding an 02. I thought the 02 felt a bit heavy in the front.( the 02 did have other things wrong with it )
    Just wondering what little mods can be done, if there are any problems with them etc etc. If there is an on line workshop manual.
  4. Good stuff..
    Yes the 04 was probably a little bit better, but not that much changed on them through the years, except the early ones were unrestricted..
    Mods to be done, definately braided lines so it stops, i fitted a megacycle muffler to mine, K&N filter and PC111 with custom dyno map. Remember these things like to get the air in and out as quick as possible. You will love the bike and it will give you no trouble as long as its been looked after by the previous owner. Only thing i suggest is check the header nuts, they are renowned for coming loose..

    There are plenty of other bling bits available for them, such as seat hinge for the pillion seat, clear indicator and tail light lenses, and anything else you may find that you like. You should be able to find a manual online if you just do a google search i would say..
    The 04 model is a great choice and i am sure you will have heaps of fun on it..

    Where abouts you from Bas ??

    Heres a pic of my old 12.. :twisted:

  5. Im From Craigeburn, upon the hill. Your bike looks nice. Mine isthe same colours. The 02 I road was guttless. It has big problems I reckon. Hopefully this one is better. I will know Wednesday I suppose. The previous owner was 45 and I spoke to the kawazaki dealership where here got it service. They said the bike was A1. So I bought it. I don't know how to attach pics so I cant post them . We have a bike brace for our dyno's at work so I might get a power commander after I get used to the bike.[/img]
  6. Crazyburn hey.. Not far from me.. :grin:

    The 04 was a tad darker blue then the 05, but still a nice color..

    Ill shoot you a PM with my no and if ya have any more questions or wanna show off your new toy give me a call..

  7. Thanks mate. Got your PM. I will be in touch.
  8. Bike arrived today. very nice. Went for quick squirt at lunch to fill tank. NICE and torquey. very nice.
  9. Awesome mate.. :twisted:
  10. yayyyy, another CRAZYBURNER :LOL:

    welcome to the nuthouse.
  11. How many km's do you get from a tank on the 12.?
  12. Hmmm, lets see.. About 230ish in stock trim. With mods i had would get about 200k's. And if i had too much fun with the throttle, maybe 150ish.. :shock: They are not exactly fuel friendly, but not too bad for the size of them.. :grin:
  13. hi and welcome :grin:
  14. Thanx for the welcome.
    Update. Been riding the bike to work and back. loving the torque out of corners. havent opened it up yet though.
  15. Wait until you open the throttle, believe me you will know you have done it.. :twisted:
  16. Hi BAS and welcome.
    I'm moving back to Broadie early next year. Will have to catch up with the locals sometime.

  17. Back to Broady hey Darwin.. Will definately be catching up.. :cool: