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Just joined today - Just bought my first bike on Tuesday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Hi

    I'm Doonks from Mulgrave in Melbourne. My girlfriend bought me my L's course for Christmas 2003, I got those in Feb 2003. She's been riding for 10 years, go figure.

    A mate gave me a permanent loan of his Suzuki 1979 X7 GT250 if I paid the Rego/Insurance each year. It was good to learn on, although you earnt every click. Anyway it's recently got to the stage that it's starting to cost me money (or will do) to keep it on the road, so I'm returning it to him.

    So, as I'm a 250 restriction for another 12 months, I went out and bought from a mate of a mate, a 1993 ZZR250. It's in excellent condition and I just love it. 20,500 k's, all receipts, Jap import paint design. I think it's great for my first bike :D

    Here's a pic :

    image tags deleted - Flipper
  2. Hi Doonks

    Welcome to the forums!! You've got a nice bike there.

    :D :D
  3. Hi Doonks!! Welcome aboard!!

    Nothing wrong with the girl being the more experienced rider in the pair!! Story of my life!

    :D :D :D
  4. Not at all lil - I quite enjoyed being her biatch !!! hehehehe :)
  5. Welcome to the madness Doonks. :D
    Smart looking bike you have there.
  6. I am an experience forum user ;) I've been a long time regular and a Mod on Australias largest snow skiing forum : www.ski.com.au
  7. Ahhh, and with the trapdoor reference in your bike pic URL would I be right in saying "Welcome James" ? :) Soon enough you'll be wanting to do the gate<->gate time run on a bike for a real comparison rather than for a car v bike :LOL:
  8. um, no, I'm not James. But I'm sure I know exactly who you are talking about, last initial "H" ? I know him pretty well, skied with him a number of times at Hotham.

    So Jason, this is my nick on the ski forums, so if you thought I might have been Jimbo, I'm guessing you're not a skier ?
  9. Welcome to the forums Doonks!
  10. Ahh, yes that would be the James I was thinking of. I stayed at Trapdoor during Aussie day long weekend last year with a group of riding friends and thoroughly enjoyed teh accomodation. Met James then, and Trapdoor has since become a partner of Netrider offerring summer accomodation discounts to members.
    I'm a very casual skier at best .. been about 3 years since I was in the snow and wasn't much good at it then. Think I more prefer two wheel on the ground than two ski's ( unless they are water ski's :) )
    Welcome to the forum to yourself, and congrats to your better half for pushing you into riding instead of letting you be a curb monkey :)
  11. WOOHOO!!!

    Noice bike :)
  12. hey hey, welcome Doonks. Love the bike. I'm a big fan of the ninjas. Would've got one too if i didn't make it look like a pocket bike :D
  13. VERY nice looking bike!

  14. Hiya Doonks!
    Nice bike...
    Have fun here - I know I am!
  15. Welcome to the forums Doonks.
    Good to see more members from Mulgrave :D
    I'm in Mulgrave, off Albany dve, so I will keep an eye out for you.
    I'm on a red Across with the number plate "FLIPR" so gimme a wave if you see me around :)
  16. Good onya Doonks! Welcome to the twilight zone

    That's an excellent paint job, really suits the bike.

  17. will do Flipper !!!
  18. Gee it is amazing who you find in these places ;) Hi schlumpa!