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just joined newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fingz, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Hi all,
    thought it was about time i popped in, introduced myself and left a few words.
    I stumbled across the site about 3 weeks ago, joined about a week ago and here i am. I'm an eastern suburbs chicky, just got my learners about 3 weeks ago, and in the process of purchasing a virago250. I somehow managed a test ride in the city on the weekend,and cant wait till i get it. Its all so exciting , i've a little support on the family side, but not much excitement has flowed through the household, so its a dark party for one at the moment. With only one celebrating, well oh 2, my other half is very supportive so its not all that bad. Just wanted to drop in let you know that the site has provided so much detail so far, and im amazed how tight knit you all are. Coming from only finding american online sites its nice to find a site that is.. well.. local all over. 8)
    Well i hope to get to know you all a little more and chat soon.

  2. Welcome aboard Fingz! You're very close to where I live, too, so we may meet on the road! Good luck with your search!

    :D :D :D
  3. Welcome to the site Fingz. I bought a Virago about a month ago - first bike. Great bike to learn on - enjoy it!
  4. Welcome fingz, hope you love your Virago as much as I loved mine!
  5. welcome to the site!
  6. Morning Fingz, well to looney central!


  7. welcome to the site

    you should drop down on monday night and friday night for coffee and meet some of the crew .

    see posts about coffee in rides and events section
  8. Welcome to the circus fingz,
    When you get your wheels you should come for coffee, maybe the sunday mornings for starters
  9. Welcome to the forums Fingz, hope to meet you soon at coffee night/s :)
  10. Welcome to the madness Fingz.

  11. Hey Fingz,

    Don't worry about the family, they just think you've gone insane ;). The main thing is you are happy and the other half is behind you. Ask as many questions as you need and don't think anything is too silly or basic.

    BTW, just a little plug for Curry Night next Wednesday if you and your man are keen. You'd be most welcome :) .
  12. Welcome Fingz - you'll have a ball with the Virago.

    :eek: Deyago presumes too much :wink: . Whether or not the other half is a man, you're both welcome :)
  13. Straight, gay, bi- or Try-... As long as you like a good curry, come along. :D

    Jeez, Chairman, don't go all PC on me :p !
  14. welcome to the site dude and dont worry about the family bloody boring old fuddy duddies... as for the other half are they riding yet? if not take a stick to him/her :D
  15. I was trying PC-ness on to see how it fits. Just not me, so I've given it away. 'scuse me while I have a scratch and adjust...that's better. :wink:
  16. :LOL: :LOL: :D Phew, had me going there! :D

    Scuze me while I...*snort*, *spit*,*burp*....ahhhhh....
  17. ...Thanks

    Thanks for the warm welcomes, introductions, food offers and ride invites- i'll definately take you up on all once i get out there and practising. monday night coffee's might be a bit too soon for me -Night riding and all ( what a location though, I work in that complex, can you pick which one LOL :wink: ) maybe you'll catch me on shift for some competition circuit laps........ , definatley have to get in some day action first. The virago was a tough decision, i'm a born and bred sports/jap bike lover. truth and reality set in with learning, posture and most of all enjoyment, but thats not to say i ain't happy. I am over the moon.
    LOL LOL, virago's always have been the second passion, ducati's...thats another story *drool drool*
    Yeah the other half has had his licence for about 10years, fuelled my bike passion even more. "I say" been a pillion for way too long... time i got me some wheels of my own.
    Fingers crossed all goes well in the next couple of days, I'm killing myself with anticipation and my boy'f - keeps rolling his eyes, cause i keep putting on my jacket and helmet.. Its just been my (u can look the other way while the looney says " Dream to get a bike and at my ripe young age LOL.. we wont go there, okay i wont bore you all
    See you
    p/s 7 days and counting.......... :D
  18. Re: ...Thanks

    You'll have to come out on Monday nights during shift break and have a coffee with us then :)