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Just joined from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Viju_Bison, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Just joined this forum. Looking to make some new friends, learn a bit more about motorcycles and get some honest, unbiased opinions and advice.

    About me: 27, single, no kids but I am the breadwinner at home (my folks live with me and I pay the bills). Have had a bike since 2013, still have the same bike - a Suzuki 250 across. I'll post some pics later.

    It's a great bike, for those of you that don't know, the across is a unique motorcycle that has an electronically operated helmet compartment where the fuel tank normally is. The actual fuel tank is on the back, and is a bit small (12 litres I think).

    Anyway, I will be selling it soon to get another bike, cause I just want to try something different. I would prefer something with a bigger tank.

    A good friend of mine recommended the Triumph Daytona 675, I haven't ridden one, but a used one is a bit out of my price range anyway (4K max). I spent the last weekend on my friend's Yamaha MT-07, and my other mate's Triumph Street Triple. Both lovely machines, and easy in city traffic (Triumph just a bit smoother in slowing down for a roundabout and heavy traffic).

    However, after riding these delightful machines, I now feel that I am a 4 cylinder guy (I don't have the heart to tell my mates), I just love the high pitch high rev screaming of a 4 cylinder engine (the across redlines at 16k).

    The same mate that recommended the Daytona, recommended the Yamaha R6, which seems like a great bike in spite of lacking a fuel gauge. I think this bike may be a bit fast for me though, I don't really plan on tracking it cause I'm not a very fast rider but you never know.

    I would love to meet some of you for group rides, and to get your general advice on bikes as well. I am looking for something that's comfy for long distance riding (the across really isn't uncomfortable for riding long distances), good fuel range, and I like lightness more than power. I also ride like a grandma, I stick to the speed limit, never take it out in the rain and don't lane filter.
  2. welcome aboard :)
  3. Welcome to the mad house!
  4. Welcome mate :cool:
  5. Thanks guys :) Glad to be here. Please tell me a bit about yourselves and your machines if you can.
  6. Welcome aboard mate. Have a look around, everything you need to know has probably already been said. Where abouts in Sydney are you?
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  7. Welcome to NR. Have fun looking around.
  8. Thanks guys. I'm in Parramatta, so not too far from the good side of the M4 I guess, it's usually the road I ride along when I just want to get out for a cruise but need to be back soon.
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  9. Welcome, sounds like a honda cb400 might suit you, 4cyl vtec, 300km range
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  10. I should tidy mine up for sale, it just doesn't get ridden enough to warrant keeping. Another yearly expense I could do without. The Mrs wants to start riding though, so might be a good learner vehicle for her... It's already paid for, so we don't have to worry about that. Hmmm.....
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  11. Welcome :)
  12. Thanks for the advice hillsy, those CB400s look great. I'm gonna do some research on those right away.

    Thanks for the warm welcome sibi, and Steve your bike looks great man.
  13. The one in my avatar belongs to DrSleepyDrSleepy, I ride a firestorm and a cb400. The firestorm is in okay condition and the cb400 could use a bit of lovin... But I'm sure the doctor will be pleased you think his bike is neat haha
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  14. G'day Viju_BisonViju_Bison, welcome!

    There's plenty of awesome choices going around, just go out and ride a bunch to get a better feel for what you might like. Oh and I agree the Daytona is nice!
  15. Thanks for the welcome! A lot of the forums I'd read prior to joining this one, even the fan-based ones such as the GSXR forums had a lot of praise for the Daytona. If I can find one, even a slightly older one I'll definitely give it a test ride!
  16. Welcome to the forum mate.

    I'm also a 4 cylinder guy - one in my Duke 390 and three in my MV.

    I don't know if i'm aloud to talk / communicate with you since it seems that the members of the three cylinder club are slightly shocked and annoyed at present.

    Enjoy the search for your next bike
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  17. Thanks for the welcomes guys! Glad to be here, gulp - I hope things are all good with you and the 3 cylinder homies. I still greatly enjoyed riding my friends' three cylinder bikes when I got rode them, so I might end up with one. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and stumble across a really good deal on a Daytona.
  18. Welcome to NR
  19. Hey GeorgeOGeorgeO and Viju_BisonViju_Bison, as a parallel twin rider, I have to ask a question of 3 and 4 cylinder folks. I'm guessing that cylinders 3 and 4 are just spares? ;)
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