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Just Joined!! Can you help?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by hickson, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. hello,

    just joined the forum and thought i would introduce myself :cool:.Shattered i missed out on the nasho run. well after having my L's for quite sometime i now have a roadbike (honda Spada)... just not the gear yet :roll: Any suggestions on brands? helmets, gloves, if i should get leather or textiles? etc...

  2. Welcome. As far as recommendations go you would be best off letting us know your budget and what sort of riding you are intending to do. Otherwise visit a couple of bike shop to get a 'feel' for what's out there and then compare notes (using the search function) of what others have to say about that gear.
  3. Hey Hickson,

    There are a variety of opinions about gear .. just do a search and see! Port80 is right.. a lot of the decision has to be based on what you can afford.

    I'm a newbie too but to summarise what I have read (and paid attention to :grin: ), there isnt a lot of difference netween textiles and leather from a protection perspective .. meaning you can get crappy leather and you can get crappy textiles .. or good of both. Best leather is thought to be better than best textiles but are you lookin in that range?

    My opinion, find yourself the best you can afford, and look for CE approvals on stuff where possible and get a full set. Try not to skimp and not get some gear thinking you'll get stuff later. Guess I qualify as an ATGATT type.

    Having said that different brands have different "fits" so you'll most likely find some just dont go on ya, so look for stuff that fits properly .. it wont help if it comes off or twists around. You'll need help from good staff to make sure it fits properly and I believe that is very important.

    Dont limit youself to a "set". I've ended up with Falco boots, RJays jacket (leather), DriRider pants (textile) and Dririder gloves. But when it comes to gloves I found that the Dririder adventures were nice and cosey but didnt give me a good feel because they are so thick. On really cold days they are needed but I went out and got some thinner ones and some glove liners .. these give a much better feel for what I'm doing with the controls and reasonably good cold protection (and I'm ready for summer too :grin: )

    Anyway, do some searches, theres a lot of opinions on gear in here.

    NR Rules :cool:

    Cheers, Chris
  4. Hi and welcome

    If you got your Spada from Caringbahmotorcycles.com.au (just guessing) why not head back there and ask the guys what's their suggestions for your gear? A lot depends on what sort of riding you will be doing (as noted already) but TALKING to someone about it is better than canvassing 11,000 differing opinions on a web-site.
  5. True, True!!

  6. hello, i will be mainly a weekend rider, as for talking to people
    yes i think this is the best way to go, but i just wanted opinions to start with From you guys!! :LOL:

    As to what port80 said about my budget, well im prepared to spend around $1200, im looking out for a jacket, im looking at the dri rider range. its about 300. on the bikebiz website.

    does anyone you know wear one or do you? how did it go with a stack?

    thanks for you input aswell OzYoda i will keep that in mind when i go to get my gear.

  7. its my birthday!! :tantrum: \:D/ :butt:
  8. $1200 is a reasonable budget, so it'll give you some room to buy some semi-decent kit.

    The Dri Rider Nordic 4 jacket is very good kit, I've had one for 2 years and it's been the only piece of gear to not be replaced.

    I started writing up a list of how to spend your $1200, then I realised that I'm not going to suggest you go buy stuff that I wouldn't. A lot of members here will say that sneakers and Levi's are fine protection, they might be right. Personally I'd rather be a little better protected.

    The first set of gear I bought cost about $1250;

    Dri Rider Nordic 4 jacket and pants : $600
    KBC VR1 Helmet : $300
    Dri Rider boots : $200
    Alpinestar Winter Gloves : $150

    It was winter when I bought that gear. Come summer I went and spent another $600 on a Joe Rocket Razor suit and some summer gloves.

    Day daily use over 2 years the KBC helmet was done with, the dri rider boots were knackered, the dri rider pants started leaking and the summer gloves worn out.

    Since then I replaced the lid, boots and gloves with some better quality equipment.
  9. Welcome Aboard Hickson!

    ^^^ All good sound advise given here.
  10. I'm with port80's last post except the helmet.
    Get whatever fits you the best (ports price range is ok +$100 even better) as different brands have different fits in the same sizes and everyone has a different shape head.

    Edit: Being mainly a weekend rider especially in the early stages you will be rusty week to week. Your skill's and "awareness" will improve much quicker if you ride every day.
    My advice is to have a think about riding as much as you can and there is little excuse from this time of year onwards. :wink:
  11. I should say, I don't recommend the KBC lids - it was just what I bought at the time not knowing any better. It's not that they are a bad helmet, just that they are a budget helmet. The Shoei TZR I use now is much lighter with much better optic clarity, it also looks and feels like a much better quality helmet. Is it $300 more helmet... hard to say.
  12. I think for 90% or people out there the first helmet they buy is always one that isn't fully suited to them, my first one was heavy and too loose, but you always learn from mistakes. :)

    My first lot of gear cost me $996ish;
    - Dri-rider Jacket - not sure of model
    - RJays Pants
    - Dri-rider nordic Gloves
    - Rossi leather boots, and
    - Helmet (cant remember brand off the top of my head)

    And after getting all that gear 3 years ago, I'm still wearing all but the helmet today, as i rode into work :grin:
  13. I would have to recommend some Alpinestar leather boots and a HJC helmet because your mate might want them back some time soon :LOL:
  14. cow.
    buy cow :wink: