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Just introducing myself!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Hi all!
    Just taking a moment to introduce myself!

    My name is Chris, im 26 and i live in Newcastle, NSW!
    I work in the dredging industry and have been something of a computer nerd for some years.

    A little about my history:
    Im one of those people who rode farm bikes as a kid, grew up into teens (specifically, this happend at 17), wanted to get a road bike and found out that his mother was an insane agressive domineering control freak ego-maniac. Knew there was a monster in there somewhere, and boy was it ugly!

    Now ive lived alone for a few years and im finally on top of things like car and house payments etc etc etc (although ive got dad living with me since he lost his job /recession), and a few weeks ago the nibble was coming back and i took the plunge last friday(4/12).

    I went and bought a '02 ZZR250 from Chris Watson bikes at Cessnock.
    It was $3900 which is up there a bit admittedly, but came with a free helmet, jacket, boots and pants, 12 months rego, new tyres (not certain on brand), new chain and sprockets, and 90 days warranty. Oh, and it has 14k kms on the clock. The bike itself is in good shape, no scuffs on any stalks or marks on any farings, etc etc. All up seems a good buy. I dont pick it up until this coming friday though.:busting: <-- that makes sense in context :p.

    Im doing what i feel is the smart thing and reading everything i can lay my eyes on, and have yet to go through the pre-learner course and sit for the theory test - figured id get the bike first. That said i probably wont be able to get in to the course until after the new year, so im considering having a little putt around before i do. Now before i get howled down i *have* ridden bikes before, and itll be where i live - on my own private little piece of road. Mr Law can shout all he wants, from the front gate. I figure that if i can take my time and brush up my low speed handling i might be one up going into the pre learner course - rather then it being some 15 years since i was last on a bike.

    The support:
    "Hey dad guess what!"
    "Kevin Rudd said No to something?"
    "No no hell hasnt frozen over, but it did have a little cold snap! I bought a bike!"
    A long stare later and i had dads support, who up until recently was a biker himself (Kawa something500 - i cant recall right now). However he still points out rather constantly that they are a death machine, to make sure my will is updated and that i have life insurance so he can finish paying off my house. Thanks dad, love you too!!!

    Anyway, thats about all there is to me. Glad to be here and see you all around on the boards or even perhaps the roads.

    Oh and if anyone happens to have an old ventura rack and L arms thatll suit my bike please drop me a PM! :D

  2. Welcome to the forum, good to see someone else from newy on here.
  3. Looks like a good buy.

    Welcome :)
  4. Welcome to NR
  5. Another rider from the Valley. Welcome. They breed 'em tough up there, you'll do well.
  6. Thanks guys :D.
    Just occured to me i rather densely made a new thread in the wrong section ](*,) - i even had the welcome section open and then made one here :p. If a mod would like to move it to Welcome's thats cool :).

    :tantrum: Want my bike! :tantrum: :D
  7. thats a good price for that bike with that gear if you ask me. welcome
  8. Too late...
    expect a fine in the mail :LOL:
  9. Welcome to NR Chris
  10. Welcome to NR mate
    Hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. Just noticed in a thread at random there was someone with the mr messy logo...
    mr_messy, i guess ill be getting a fine in the mail from you too :D.
  12. I have a clone!....
    Hello eheh
  13. ^^^^^^ Well, this is awkward.
  14. HAHA, classic.

    This is like when two people rock up to a fancy dress party wearing the same costume. Sucks for them, but gives us all a good laugh :rofl: