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Just in case you've never seen this road... Yarra Boulevard

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by thermal, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. As the weather starts getting better, my motivation starts to rise. Comments and criticism welcome on both the riding and the video itself.

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  2. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    Comments... more on the road than anything

    29s - I tend to take a wider entry, but the issue is there often seems to be loose gravelly stuff there, so need to be a little cautious as well.

    1 min - interesting - over the speed hump there. Not my favourite bit, and I'm more comfortable going around it. Seen a few bikes go over rather than around, so might be the way to go...

    1:15-1:30 - In that lane, in that direction there always seems to be any annoying ridge in the road which makes me cautious from using the outside of the lane. Although I note you used a similar line to what I use - similar thoughts?

    1:33-1:45 - I hate that corner, both directions! The road surface seems to be a bit shit there, and you can see the shiny bit in the opposite direction extremely well. I do the same, sticking in between the shiny bits, as the surface can be so variable there. I'm quite cautious through that bit. In fact the last 30-40s of the road I don't like at all - my most disliked bit of the road.

    1:45-2:20 - Love that bit of the road. Nice and smooth rarely has many issues. Just a slight surface change at one point

    Note at 2:12 - sand on the road? I am always mindful on this road that the surface can change day to day - not due to weather as much as the amount of traffic it gets, and oil/sand can appear easily.

    2:22 -2:31 - One of my favourite corners in both directions but, worth noting that there are 2 side streets on the left, and I always make sure I can still brake in time, if someone happens to be there and pull out. IMO - don't take the corner any quicker than you think you can stop before those side streets. Once I see no one is there, tend to open the throttle :)

    2:35 - from memory that right hander has a an undulation (actually at 2:37 there is a clear bump) so good fun, just need to be aware of it. Another fun corner after the previous ones though. Side street on left to be aware of, but not worry about - I always quickly check there as well.

    Best bit of the road IMO. Few obstructions, no side streets and good visibility for obstacles/urban wildlife holding radars ahead. 2:58 in the vid had some sand on the road. Seems to be a bit on the road in that vid.

    3:30 - that corner, I like, stay a bit wider personally, and a bit of a sharper countersteer at the end to get around that shiny bit on the road.

    3:35-4:38 More fun all round. 2nd favourite bit of the road. Can string a few corners together nicely there. (More crap at 4:00 though? Looks like the road is in shitty condition atm) Also, at 4:10, I'm always a bit cautious because that is the main point where vehicles enter and exit the road.

    After this I find it a bit boring until 4:55 - that and I have seen a few vicroads vehicles there. So wonder about cops somewhat. Because it is quieter there, I find that bit good to practice some braking if no one is behind.

    4:55 - 5:10 - I'd always love to push through that corner (although in practice its more like 2) harder, but there is an oval nearby and kids. Parents tend to park cars in the area there and always mindful that someone is likely to do something stupid there. Once I see the exit, tend to give it a bit on the way out :p

    5:15-5:47 - Well that's a nice bit... Won't say why though. Always look well ahead for "suspicious" vehicles, or "vehicles of interest" who might have entered from the end of the road with radars. Occurs to me that this bit is the biggest risk of getting done for significantly speeding in a 50 zone.

    Special note: 5:25 - Not that one enjoys seeing others suffer.... The lycra brigade seem to kill that road some days though, getting in the way everywhere. The lycra brigade can be unpredictable and always worth looking out for. Seen them hold up a line of cars for 5 minutes through bits that cars can't overtake on - infuriating given there is a dedicated bike lane on the opposite side of the road.

    Summary - good for practicing - but 3 things to beware of is that road conditions can vary - i.e. "urban litter" has a high chance of appearing day to day. Sand, oil etc. 2 - the police do patrol the boulevard 3 - Parents/kids/cyclists can appear on the road in decent quantities from time to time - as far as the general population goes, they are highly irrational and unpredictable groups - so just beware - especially where cars are parked on side of road. There probably is an ideal line, but mine varies from ideal, and bits vary day to day to the road conditions.

    Thoughts on the notes?
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  3. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    Where is it? Google maps.
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  5. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    Can't say I was expecting such a detailed reply - very much appreciated though. With this road I always go really easy on the first pass to get a feel for the traffic and debris. Today there was a real killer patch of bark that had gathered right in the middle coming the other way at the exit of a corner. I knew it was there, having gone past it on an earlier lap. However I found myself leant partially over with my front wheel heading straight for it. My mind drifted back to the twist of the wrist video and the slide bike which shows just how important throttle control is. I lost the front for a split second and slid but kept it steady and made it through. Slight heart flutter but was glad to see I'm using things I've learnt. Decided to avoid it the next time round though...

    As with you, my line varies from day to day depending on how I'm feeling and how the locals are behaving. Good practice road, especially as I don't always want to ride for an hour to get out to Kinglake/Healesville way.
  6. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    Yup - I live in and around melbourne, so it is the closest thing by a longshot. An hour at least in any direction to anything decent. Which generally means its a min of half a day.

    Good practice road but the shiny bits shit me. I just don't trust them. It is deceptive too - the road itself isn't as trustworthy as it looks, as you pointed out.
  7. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    Wow. An hour away? A half day ride? Hope you haven't had to strain yourself...

    It seems sydney riders leave you mexicans in their dust when it comes to commitment and effort to make a ride.
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  8. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    I was thinking that; 160 kms from my place to the usual start point for Sydney rides going north :LOL:

    just a point on the video itself, the positioning of the camera make it appear that the right fork leg is bent....
  9. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    Or maybe for some of us, we actually have other commitments, and activities than riding so it isn't exactly convenient to get out for half a day or a full day every weekend...

    Sheesh. What are you trying to prove?
  10. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    I don't think you shoudl take Lilley's comment too seriously, nor mine, it's just a good-natured rib......

    We all have to fit our riding round other important committments.
  11. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    Indeed, some only have limited time to ride, some prefer to avoid cold weather, others won't ride in rain etc.

    As far as this thread goes, the entire point though was that the boulevard is reasonably close to the city so good for a detour to, or for a ride through if someone doesn't want to, or can't ride too far. It was a pretty silly to extrapolate that me pointing out that the boulevard is reasonably close and being in the city is a fair distance from other decent rides is a lack of commitment or soft though.
  12. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    Really, this road at best is perfect for introducing a newish noob to twisties particularly as it's a 50kph limit road and for very good reasons...
    Less than 30 min from here you can have quieter roads with higher limits if you're ready or want something a little more challenging.

    oh by the way, I've known riders to come down going over those low roundabouts so take care doing it.
    Then again, we're usually looking for twisties so why wouldn't you go round it...lol
  13. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    Its my mid-week lunchtime fun ride, the boulevard. not happy with the re-surface they did but oh well. Loved seeing the forks working. what bike is it?
    My favourite corner is the last long one. Can absolutely hammer round there if you know there is no cops coming.
  14. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    It's a hard life south of the border, beans to eat and all that. ;)

    Good reasons being rider safety, or safety from the po po? Also, I am a newish noob, so it's still good for me. Though which roads are you referring to that are 30 minutes away, up through Kinglake?

    Just a little VTR250. :)

    Also, mods, why can't I have my ambiguous thread titles? This is probably the third that has been renamed since I joined.
  15. Re: Just in case you've never seen this road...

    so where did you mount the camera and what sort is it?
  16. thermal

    Good reason being 50kph that it's used by many different people all going about their business.
    Cyclists, walkers, joggers, pets, visitors, etc as it runs by the Yarra and attracts thousands there out and about visiting the trails, having lunch coffee (all days of the week) along its bbq areas and particularly Studley Park Boathouse, etc..
    Often you'll get cars parked in sections of it and often making U turns in what they expect is a 50k zone and the last thing you need is someone riding/driving around a bend at $1 or more..

    First place that comes to mind no more than 30 min away from there is you can get on the Eastern Fwy and be riding thru Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground, fabulous roads around Panton Hill - Smiths Gully - Hustbridge without going all the way to Kinglake if you don't want to go that far..

  17. Looks like a fun road, lucky to have one like that in the middle of town. However im going to assume it is fully of cops all day and night?
  18. It's a Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth on a Flymount. Not cheap, but I tend to be patient and save for quality.

    I mounted it on the frame here:


    Ok, personal safety, fair enough. And I shall check out those areas, I need to go exploring. Thanks.
  19. Yeah, cops do fairly frequent sweeps along here.
  20. Yep, lots of cops. Still its the only place worth riding at a lunchtime. The limit used be 70, but i guess it was too much of an inner city racetrack.