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Just how things work out....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Yesterday morning I went for a quick tootle up to the Robertson Pie Shop, via Macquarie Pass. Coffee-d, I turned to head home at the same speed when four bikes hoved into view, heading towards the shop. I thought I'd turn round and say hi, just to be sociable.

    The guys were from Sydney, and parked their bikes with the front wheels facing the shop. I parked as us locals do, with the rear to the shop..

    When we came out of the shop one of the guys said, "Look, Paul, you've got a screw in your rear tyre!!"

    I rode quietly down the Pass, and got it fixed.

    But if I hadn't turned around to say Hi to these guys, and the screw had worked its way in a bit further with me riding quickly down the Pass......
  2. wow... there's a bit of good luck mate.....
  3. dang, guess it does pay to be sociable and all through school teacher always told me to be less sociable.
  4. Or maybe they're the ones who shoved the screw in! Oh... sorry :twisted: :-# :wink:
  5. We did have a similar discussion after the 3pts about having someone looking out for us.
  6. Screws tend to plug holes quite well, it's just when you take 'em out it goes flat. That and the ticking that's annoying,
  7. paul -
    im finally spending more quiet time at the archer, doing some reading.

    you might be on to something ;)
  8. Must be good karma Paul
  9. A thread about a screw, how pointed...... :p
  10. Your tyre was screwed!!!1!eleventy!2!
  11. :bannanabutt:
    What an interesting twist you have given this thread.
    By the way, BigW has cool puncture repair kits for under $20. Grab a small double action bicycle pump while there.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Ooooh dear... the puns have really spirled out of control on this one. hehehe
  13. Well, I DID opun the door for such an eventuality..... I guess a few people are just (rightly) getting their own back on me for punning up THEIR threads "P :LOL:
  14. So there was a loose screw ???? :shock:
  15. No, not after it had burrowed its way into the tyre :LOL:

    But if you're referring to the RIDER, well that's a different matter altogether :wink:
  16. now cummon paul! you said it was a fruit cake coming out of your tyre!

  17. {Puts on Homer Simpson 'drooling' voice}

    mmmm fruit cake
    but seriously

    I DON'T GET IT, Jax????