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Just how much more powerful (dangerous) is a 600?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by N2O, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Ok.

    So I'm thinkin I might wait till i'm off my restriction in feb next year and get a 600 sports bike, (most likely an R6).

    How much will I be shocked by the difference in power? I don't want a bike that i'm going to be fearing for my life on. How much do you think i'll be looking at insurance for a bike like that being a rating 6. I'm thinking maybe 1,500 - 2,000/ year for insurance. although the RACV quoted $7000/year for the insurance.

    I was riding a vt250f for 6 months and loved the torque and reponse compared to friends cbr's.

    Is this a bad idea?

    Please help!!!

  2. That's what test rides are for...
  3. Well I suppose i have to wait until they'll let me ride one.
  4. Riding a more powerful bike than you're used to is no more scarey than say the first time you rode a bike on the road in traffic. When you go for your first ride 35kph feels fast and you wonder how you'll ever feel comfortable doing 60kph.. its' soooooooooo fast. So you just start slowly and get comfortable with the extra power gradually.

    When you step up onto a bigger machine it's not the extra power which you need to fear.. it's how much more quickly you approach the next corner. That's your greatest danger.

    Insurance companies which specialise in motorcycle insurance are usually more competitively priced than those which primarily insure cars and houses.
  5. You cant really compare an R6 to your vt250, But its only going to go as fast as your throttle hand tells it to. Dont forget that you have better brakes and handling to cope with the extra speed. Good thing for you about a 600 is you have to rev them a bit to get maximum power so it wont catch you off guard when you first get it.
    I think r6's are the best bike you can get (personal opinion). They do everything right and it will really help you improve your riding once you get on 1.
    Take your time to get familliar with it, but yeah like I said, compared to a vt250 its a gona feel like MOTO GP machine.
  6. What would be the companies that specialise in motorcycle insurance?
  7. One of the main things that will probably catch you out more than anything is the different engine feel you will get from the VT250F (2 cyl) to a R6 (4 cyl). Completely different riding experience, especially since it is coupled with such a large increase in power.
  8. the difference will be pretty noticable.. just aslong u dont push/rush urself in your own abilities...
  9. The ones which pay for full page colour adverts in motorcycle magazines. Western QBE, Swann, Arista and more recently Shannons.
  10. Yeah, I remember when I first jumped on a friends CBR250RR that the fast revs were a little overwhelming. I was used to low revs beings able to do just as much work as high revs :p

    (I think i'll always be biased towards a twin now)

    I have a great fear of busting my arse taking off too hard from the lights on a bike like this, so i'll just be taking it easy till I really get the hang of things.
  11. I went from a CB250 to a CBR600F, which I think would be an even bigger performance jump than if I went from a VT. The main thing I found was that I wasn't changing gear as often....well duh. I took it so s-l-o-w-l-y when I first rode out the dealer. But it took all of 20 minutes to start getting into the swing of things. Just yeah, be aware of the extra power. I sat in first for ages as I wasn't sure where the gear pedal was for a good while :LOL:

    Plus a 600 is going to handle better than your 250, especially as most 250s are aimed at learners, the extra development into the 600 makes a big improvement. It will make you more confident (just don't get cocky :p ).

    Insurance wise, Swann insured me from June till Feb, upgrade from CB250 to the new one was an extra $1818 fully comp. Remember this was an upgrade amount on top of the $600 odd I had already paid for the 250. That was on rating 5, and I'm 22. Bear in mind that was on a brand new CBR600F with 0ks on the clock (Long story about the insurance too when on a new finance, basically if you upgrade an existing policy for it make sure the certificate of currency just states its an annual policy, and won't end in 9 months time as most P plate upgrade ones do because of the timing for licences. Finance companies get arsey if it isn't a 12 month jobby).

    It does depend the type of bike you're after. The CBRs in the public eye obviously seem to attract more boy racers and the insurance companies aren't likely to see any different.

    Basically, I was crapping bricks when I first got on the 600. Two days later I was commuting quite nicely to Sydney in rush hour on it. You'll love it when it happens. Guaranteed.
  12. The bike is not the source of danger, its the rider. Be smooth on the throttle and brakes, take your time to learn and you will be fine - even on a litre bike. The biggest difference I expect you will notice is going from a twin to a four cylinder bike - the power will come on in a more linear fashion and be further up the generally larger rev range.
  13. wouldnt worry about insurance too much....
    be safe.. keep the bike safe and secure and u should be alright
  14. You'll get used to it pretty quick, just dont reef it on in 1st when you get it :LOL:
  15. Well, I'm 19 on rating 5, so I think the full comp insurance will be pretty painful for either an R6 or gixxer600.

    But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I was very careful when I first started riding to get the hang of things before I'd hit the roads.

    But once I get the feel for everything, i'll need someone to teach me how to ride track and corner properly :p
  16. Define dangerous?
  17. More powerfull, yes.

    more dangerous, no.
  18. yer hehe
    bounce it frist then reef it...
    :grin: :grin:
  19. no you should be right, its like when you first hop on a bike and think "arrr sh!t this is pretty zippy" then you get used to it.

    R6's are pretty friendly bike to ride depending what year you buy. Under 5k rpm its pretty tame but get a little higher and then its like a horse on steroids.
  20. One thing that you will notice on a bigger bike is it's far more stable than most 250's. Also, look where you want to go and the bike will obey.