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Just hit a roo. What do I do now?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by OldSport, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. I managed to dodge most of it, making the roo sort of just jump into the left side of my bike. Was going about 80kmh when the bugger jumped out of nowhere.

    Anyways here's the damage from what I can see.
    • Footpeg snapped off
    • Shifting lever is f***ed
    • Can hear a bit of a clunk/grind when I move the bike while its turned off in gear. (It's stuck in 5th gear, I think) without pressing the clutch.
    • There's a little grey hose that's disconnected and has some oil in it.
    • The "gas pump" icon is permanently on in the HUD.
    The question is, what do I do? I'm with QBE in terms of insurance and I'm not sure if the excess I'll pay ($1500) would be too much if I take it to a repair shop.
    Which one is the better option?

    Here's a photo of the damage


  2. Get some quotes from some places, then work out which is cheapest , insurance or just paying it yourself.

    Then it's the tricky bit, you must hunt down and finish the roo, because it is just waiting for another shot at you the evil marsupial bugger
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  3. Speaking of Roo strikes, for all those that know Mick Doedee, he's laid up in Royal Melbourne with a broken leg and wrist from hitting a Roo at 100klm/h at 11:30pm. Bike is a write off. He's out of action for six months. An interesting comment from a nurse was that they have never had anyone in there from a Roo strike before. I find that remarkable as there seems to be a lot of Roos getting culled by bull bar and I can only imagine there are few taking out riders at night. I wonder if that's because they end up as single vehicle fatalities?

    Anyway, condolences mate. And show Mick some love guys if you have a moment to drop by. He's in surgery today to try and fix his smashed wrist.
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  4. You are looking at about $300 in OEM parts to repair the rear set and shift linkage.

    the hose hanging down is just a breather tube and is meant to be there.

    any grinning or clunking, without inspecting it for my self may be the chain guard rubbing and that could be fixed by just removing the guard and bending the tabs it attaches to back to where they are meant to be.

    as for the dash light is the "gas pump" (are sure it isn't the oil pressure light) on with the bike running or just when you turn the ignition on?

    You can use some pliers or just yank on the broken shift linkage with your hand to shift the bike to neutral.

    If it were me I wouldn't bother going through insurance.
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  5. Holy shit! That's a shock.
  6. At least you weren't this guy.
  7. Holy fluck! Mick! Send him our best. Cheesuz.

    OldSport, well done for staying up. The clunk / grind worries me. Take it to a bike shop and have them quote the repairs. If it's just pegs and levers, that's not a big deal and you could do it yourself, but the impact was enough to snap the gear lever connecting rod, which is connected to shifting drum/forks in the gear box... there could be some damage.

    Good luck mate, grab a lotto ticket.
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  8. Double Holy Fluck! How'd he keep it upright?!?! Did you see how bent the forks were?! That ride is over.
  9. Thanks for all the info guys. I also hope that Mick recovers well from his accident.

    I'll be contacting Canberra Motorcycle Centre as I bought my bike off there a few months ago.
  10. Hey guys just an update, I've just called Canberra Motorcycle Centre and they gave me three options.

    1. Go to their workshop and they'll have a quick look at my bike to see the damage and supply me with parts.

    2. Get "quoted" for $250 and on top of that they'll fix my bike for a certain amount.

    3. Make an insurance claim ($1500 for me).

    Which one would be the better option?

  11. Avoid making a claim if you possibly can. Claims haunt you with downgraded rating for years.
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  12. option 3: you get quoted, and based on the result of the quote you choose to make an insurance claim or not.

    Keep in mind though the quote will include things that may or may not actually need fixing e.g scratched swim arm.
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  13. Did you mean option 2? :confused:

    Hey, I just managed to shift gears with a vice grip (From 5th to 6th the first time)
    and now I got to 1st gear/neutral, I can also start the bike up now.

    The thing is, I can't go from neutral to 2nd gear, when I turn the lever it just makes a sort of "ngggt" sound, but it doesn't sound mechanical, it doesn't sound like pieces of metal colliding into each other. More like a computeristic sound when you put in a cd in the drive and it makes a sound.

    Any idea what the problem is? I haven't tried getting another person to move the bike as I change gears because I thought the problem is that I'm trying to change gears but the bike isn't in motion so it won't let me.

    Thanks for all the info :)
  14. try jacking it up (centre stand is perfect if you have one) and rotate the wheel while you select gears

  15. Just rode it. Felt ecstatic. I was able to shift up and down 1-n-2-3-4-5-6

    I took the shift lever off with an allen range and screwed the pivot thingy in so that I could push/pull the actual shifty thing again.

    My only worry now is *I think* the fuel pump. When I turn the ignition key to ON the usual BZZZZZZZZZT sound that I can hear is now a WEAK bzzzzzzzt and that, I think, connects to the fuel up indicator being permanently on.
  16. fcuk that's rotten luck oldsport glad to see you are ok good luck with the repairs & I'd go for option two with those.

    regards to mick for a speedy recovery
  17. Option 1. Have a quick look. Express your concerns over possible gearbox/fuel pump issues so that they don't miss them. If there are gearbox issues, make a claim. If not, DIY fix.

  18. Roo-Shoos actually work.....?

  19. Yeah that's what I thought as well.

    I'll probably open my left fairing to see if anything's popped out or disconnected.

    Thanks for the advice! :)

  20. Hey, I'm having a difficult time locating the things you said.

    Do you know how I can find it? A guide somewhere or something?

    Thanks :p