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Just Highsided

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jezsmith, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. I just worked out that the corner of Huntingdale and Waverley Rds near Chadstone are pretty slippery today :p

    I casually took off, turning right into Huntingdale Rd and the right wheel slipped out to the left and I (stupidly) chopped the throttle and highsided. This is my first crash.

    I hit pretty hard but I feel okay. Adrenalin has worn off now.

    My once pristine CB400 is now pretty damaged (maybe a write off), along with my helmet which I'll need to replace. I'm gutted :(

    The worse thing is the girlfriend was following me and she was/is pretty distraught. She has forced me to visit the doctor :confused:

    Thanks to the random SUV driver for helping me lift the bike and [MENTION=37850]Portagrug[/MENTION] for helping me get it to yours. It's lucky you live so close mate.

    It's all a good learning experience though. I should have eased off the throttle rather than chop it I guess. And maybe take it even easier than I did.

    I best get back on the horse and learn from my mistake, especially before the November high country ride.

    WTB - A prestine 2010 CB400 with low kms :p

  2. Dude that sucks, you should have asked me to pillion you on it then it wouldn't've been crashed! :p
    Have you got cover for stuff like this?
  3. Bad luck bud, glad your ok though. Pride heals quicker that bones.
  4. Oh noes..... poor cb, lucky you're ok. keep on truckin' good luck..
  5. Yeah I have full comp through work, but another bike won't be the same :( This was my 'first love' :p
  6. Bummer, what a shame for that to happen. At least you didn't break yourself.
  7. At least you had a real crash,none of this tip over doing a u-turn shit.
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  8. Bahaha true that. And atleast it wasn't a $30k bike.

    I just hope I learn from this so my SRs don't screw me again.
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  9. Sorry to hear about the damage man just feel lucky no damage to yourself ;)
  10. Sorry to hear about this jezsmith but glad you are ok, don't worry you will find another love. Your CB was missing a bit of plastic anyway :)
  11. Ouch. Glad you're ok.
  12. Glad you're ok, ya silly bugger. Another experience for the memory banks.
    As others have said bikes even your first are replaceable.
  13. Bugger! Sorry to hear of your misfortune, but glad to read that you came out generally uninjured. It sounds as though you are OK physically, although tomorrow may bring out bumps and bruises that aren't noticeable today. The bike can be repaired and/or replaced.

    I suspect there may be a lesson in there for all of us noobs. I hope you are back on the road soon.
  14. mate, as long as you're ok and the missus is over the grief, getback on when you're healed and you may be toey to start of with but befoe you know it, you're back in like flinn :)
  15. 'the right wheel slipped'
    What were you riding :p.

    Good to hear you are ok :). Sorry to hear about the bike!
    Ive chopped throttle a few times in a slide but lady luck was on my side. Dont think ive quite managed to stifle that SR.
    Havent done it on the ST yet... heres hoping!
  16. Awww bummer Jez.

    Glad you're OK.
  17. Thanks everyone. The GP said I'm all good.

    So I'll get a look at the bike again tomorrow, inspect the damage closely and get the insurance organised Monday. I was a claims manager for 5 years, so I hope I still have some tricks in getting a quick repair/settlement ;)
  18. Hope u feel better soon Jez ...
    Like the others have said ... Least you are ok ..
    Bike can be fixed / replaced ...
  19. Sorry to hear, sounds painful. I had my first accident with the wife in the car right behind too!!

    heal up and start shopping
  20. Bahaha! Must've hit my head a little too hard.