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Just had to share ...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Melbgirl, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Husband (oz_johnno) and I recently celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary enjoying a 4 day ride down the Great Ocean Road. Sensational!

    The age old question of course came up "what do you want for our anniversary". We're not really into romantic gifts so I got him a couple of tickets to the Rugby World Cup in November and he FINALLY gave in and gave me some Oxford Hotgrips .... my hands are generally freezing on the bike and ever since I got my L's (7 weeks ago) it has been my only complaint about riding every day.

    Now when I say he 'finally gave in' ... it really was as painful as it sounds!! He was getting sick of my winging but he also kept giving me the 'just harden up and deal with it' line every time I complained. He went on and on .... and on and on about how I didn't need them, just buy better gloves .... don't be a woos .... blah blah blah.

    Well I've been in Sydney for work this week and he fitted them onto my girl on Wednesday night, ready for me to ride her this morning.

    Oh my goodness ... how nice was it to have lovely warm hands when I reached my destination. Surely the $150 was worth it now that he doesn't have to hear my complaining.

    The funniest thing however ..... as we were riding this morning he says to me ........................................................

    "I'm thinking I might get some for myself next winter".

    :shock: :roll:

    Do I have "I told you so rights" on this one???? :grin:
  2. Tell him to HTFU !!! :LOL:

  3. 100% YES
  4. Yeah you do...

    But he needs to take a cement pill too though..

    +1 to HTFU
  5. $150 For a happy missus? Cheap at double the price!

    If the wife not happy, no one happy - Is my motto in life :LOL: :LOL: :oops:
  6. I hate it when girlfriend has cold hands...
  7. Ktulu, I thought you had a Husband
  8. Rog, I don't think he does. But he sure knows how to wake a bloke up.
    "I'm sure I could hear metallica" he said.
  9. Just buy him the heated grips & some matching pink tassles to go with them, have them fitted for him & then tell him to HTFU
  10. If he did the HTFU thing, there may be a large todger on display.
    We don't want the bloke arrested for handling swollen goods.
  11. :?

    Are ALL bikes female?

    Why don't women ride male bikes?

    Should I be excited by this if I were to watch you ride? :shock: :twisted:

    Sorry, just struck me as odd..........
  12. and teeth. ow!
  13. oK, ok, right of reply,
    To all those guys out there ragging me and telling me to open up a can of HTFU, Have you ridden your bike to work every day this winter ?

    I have.

    Have you ever ridden a bike with heated hand grips on a really cold day? believe me when I say, its nice, very nice and Im sure everyone who has them would agree with me.

    Yup I used to think that heated grips were for soft c(o)cks too, but hey Im a big fan of them now.

    They are just the thing if you dont wanna be one of those macho riders who cant ride in the wet for shit, wont ride in the wet and wont take their bike out if it even looks like rain.

    When it comes down to wether or not Im a soft c0ck, People who live in fat arses shouldnt throw donuts :)

  14. Yes I have... but look at my location

    <--- :)

    p!ssing in your pants would be nice and warm for a while... give that a go or HTFU softie... :grin:

    laughed at the pink tassels post...

    :hide: I've been thinking of heated grips... I have OK gloves, but even is Sidenee it is cold when you ride for an hour at 5am in Winter... but today is the first day of sprung, and what a lovely day it is too...

  15. Way to go melbgirl!! and happy anniversary

    your anniversaries I see are heading the same way ours have been, bike related in some way, this year we did a refresher course together :LOL:

    and yes you definately have the right of saying I told you so

    oz_johnno when we lived in Melbourne we rode an hour each way all through winter to work in the CBD and only half of the winter was without heated grips before we caved, but our excuse was we moved to Melbourne from Darwin :LOL:
  16. Stromer, you forgot to say HTFU :LOL: :LOL: