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NSW Just had my first collision

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by PeterPorker80, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. I was on the City West Link headed east toward the city.

    I changed lanes and was ahead of this one car who proceeded to aggressively tailgate me. I changed lanes again to get some room but he did the same thing too. I was still in front of him as we both changed into the same lane.

    Then, even though I was already in the lane in front of him (but not completely in the middle; still past the line) he floors it to try and get ahead of me. He probably thought he had enough room to squeeze through but his front wheel hit my exhaust, footpeg (took it clean off), engine cover and perhaps some of the plastics (need to double check). It was a moving collision and thankfully, I didn't come off... we both just kept going.

    I signalled him to stop and we both stopped at the UTS Haberfield Rowing Club. Right off the bat, he gets out of his vehicle and tells me he's a cop and tells me I was riding recklessly. I politely disagreed.

    Upon looking at his car, looks like his tyre hit my exhaust, the metal behind his front left wheel was what hit my footpeg and the engine cover was what scraped along the left of his car.

    We took each others details, all while he kept abusing me and telling me I was an idiot. He kept re-iterating he'd see me in court. I just took photos of our vehicles.

    I've reported the collision to the police and to my insurer. I'm comprehensively insured so no probs.

    It's in the hands of the insurer now.
  2. You did the right thing. Keep calm, take details, take photos. Any witnesses?

    He sounds like a tool, he basically hit you from behind so from an insurance point if view it should hopefully be pretty straightforward in terms of him being at fault.

    Take him for all you can. People like that need a biatch slap every now and then.

    Glad you're ok.
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  3. I'm just annoyed really. The guy was really aggressive as we exchanged details too.

    Funny thing is that when I saw his license, I saw that he was a rider too.
  4. Did he show you his badge? Did you ask the police if he was actually a cop? I would love for him to get charged with impersonating.

    Glad you are alright. Could have ended up so much worse.
  5. Did you check if he was actually a cop?
  6. Did he give you anything to identify himself as a police officer?
    I think you should mention that bit as well.
    Good luck with it.
  7. did you learn any thing from this ??you are never going to win when your on a motor bike and the other person is in a car,,you are very lucky to still be in good shape , next time will you do the same thing or let him pass you as you know he is going to try and pass you as soon as he thinks he can , thats why he is aggressively tailgate you ,im not saying what the driver is doing is right what im saying is you need to ride to survive and if that means to slow down and let a agressive driver pass you so be it ,always remember your on a bike and any contact between you and a car you will come of second best every time .
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  8. Did you even read what he wrote ?
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  9. the way i see it is the driver was tailgateing him agressively that tells me the driver is going to try and pass the rider when he thinks he has half a chance , and thats what seems to have happened , what will you do just go on your merry way and wait for the driver to do what happened to the op ? or let the driver pass and carry on ,,ride to survive is the trick champ ,you will learn this as you get older
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  10. I don't think he did. And he appears to be typing with his feet.
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  11. The OP changed lanes to get out of the driver's way more than once. THe driver had several clear chances to pass him right there but instead chose to tailgate and push through. That's called "predatory driving", not trying to pass, and it's a serious charge.

    Perhaps we just found our TAC spy?
  12. @tiprat, On the open road I'd agree. However Westlink in peak hour, it's not possible for a rider to hold up cars, and there's no-where for the car to go even if he did pass. Sounds like the bloke was just being a d1ck.
  13. Tailgating is the worst.

    In peak hour traffic when someone is tailgating, I slow down gently (only squeezing the brakes for the light to come on) so as to allow a larger gap in front of me for braking safely. If they don't back off when my brake lights are on and if changing lanes is not an option, I'd rather lane split up a car or two so that the tailgater is no longer my problem.

    I wasn't there so I can't comment on the OPs riding choices and yes the driver was a dick, but I have to say tiprat is only trying to help. It really is up to us as riders to stay safe.

    I'm just glad that OP is ok after this scary experience.
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  14. OP changed lane twice to move away from said tailgater. Instead of passing, aggressive driver changed lanes with OP and proceeded to tailgate.

    Driver was a dick and knew it.

    To the OP...as questioned earlier, did he show anything to prove he was a police officer?
  15. Hi, thanks for all the feedback.

    He didn't show a police badge, nor did I ask for it. He was very aggressive and I didn't want to provoke him beyond exerting my rights and disagreeing with the things that he said that were blatantly false. We took down each other's license details but when I called my insurer afterwards, I was surprised to realise neither of us took each other's phone numbers!

    Also, traffic was surprising light at the City West Link at this hour. Collision occurred between Timbrell Drive and the UTS Haberfield Club.
  16. I wouldn't have given him my number, deliberately, he sounds like the sort of ass-bag that would harass you constantly.
  17. Ignore tiprat he clearly didn't read your post and seems quite illiterate.

    As for your incident, sounds like the guy was a dick... you did the right thing, if he claimed to be a cop you should mention that to the police/insurance company... for obvious reasons.

    good luck with your case, hope it all works out.. the main thing is you're safe and you didn't have a spill.
  18. I'm guessing he wasn't a cop and was trying to scare you off.

    Report him to the cop shop for major pawnage.
  19. I wonder... if he were a real cop, what would he have done? I would expect a real cop would have immediately tried to charge me.
  20. He did...from behind.
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