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Just had my first 1000kms service nad bike feels sluggish

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Omarko, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. hi guys

    please dont flame me for asking the following as Im still a newb and just wanted to check that this is normal.

    I had my CBR600RR '08 for about a month now. Love her to pieces and rode her under 8000rpm for the first 800kms. I loved exploring what lies beyond that. :) :) :)

    Anyway, I took her to 1000kms service last week. Service went ok and the only thing I asked them to look at is the chatter I am getting in the front when breaking hard to which they said its normal (hmmmm).

    I took her for a proper ride yesterday (first time since service) and I noticed that the bike felt more sluggish than before service. Now my friend says that its because I am getting used to the power and acceleration but I dont think thats it. For eg, im in 2nd gear doing 6000rpm and I fully open the throttle, it just does not respond as quickly as before? you can almost feel that the bike is struggling to pull its weight, like when you are in really low RPMs (eg 2-3000) and you open the throttle.

    Im not sure if Im just dreaming this but I am just wondering if there is anything they could have dont during the service that would have caused this behaviour. I have the report and it looks like just normal checks plus change of oil and filter.

    btw, the only other thing that comes to my mind is when I was leaving the service centre I stopped by at BP and got some BP Ultimate fuel, which is the first time I got this fuel as normally I get the Mobil 8000. Could this be it ? I thought BP ultimate is pretty good for these bikes, only been told to stay away from Shell and Caltex premium fuels.
  2. My bike seems to like BP Ultimate.

    Try a fresh tank of fuel, see what happens. Maybe it was just a crappy tank?
  3. There is nothing in a first service that would give rise to a noticeable loss of power unless they messed with something they normally would'nt be required to do...

    The fuel you are using BP Ultimate does'nt like some bikes...I'd mention it to the shop as a report (just in case), and then get rid of that crap fule and throw in some Mobil or BP 95RON, and see if it cleans up after 2-30K's.
    If not - back to the shop, in case they let their 1st yr apprentice do the job and he played where he should'nt have.

    Iit IS possible that after the service you are being a little more relaxed and heavy handed and you are noticing it due to that, but I still think it will more likely be the fuel.

  4. Fuel brand was more an issue some time back... shouldn't be an issue today, but you can get a bad batch. A fresh tank will help eliminate this as a cause.

    Also, they should have put a heavier weight oil in, which might have an impact on the engine free spinning.

    See how you go.
  5. Re: Just had my first 1000kms service nad bike feels sluggis

    Im guessing its just the fuel Omarko.
  6. thanks for the input guys ....

    I'll try to get the fuel out and put Mobil 8000 in. Once done I'll post an update.
  7. Prob'ly not worth trying to drain the tank, IMO - just use up that tank of fuel, ride it 'til you hit Reserve then fill up with the new fuel. It's not as though it's doing damage or anything.
  8. From memory, most bikes come with a very light grade mineral oil that is swapped out for a heavier grade at the first service. This would have an effect.

    YMMV, IMHO etc etc.
  9. why dont they just put the light grade oil in again after the first service :?:
  10. Its sound like the fuel, My bike hates the bp ultimate its down on power and feels less responsive I put there 95 in and its fine ..Some bike do this I had a YZF750sp that wouldnt run on optimax at all without the choke on ..
  11. Re: Just had my first 1000kms service nad bike feels sluggis

    Mate there's your problem. For 800km your bike has been trundling around using half its potential.

    It's depressed.

    Get out there and give it some fun.
  12. Mineral oil is good for the engine bedding in process, however semisynthetic is better for the engine once it is run in.

    Also.. warm bike up, stop bike, hold it upright and wait a minute - then check oil level. If it was overfilled you very well may experience strange response..
  13. thanks again for all the inputs guys.

    I took it back to the shop yesterday and they had a look and took it for a test drive ... apparently everything is in perfect order ... hmm ...

    I have also been told that if I want power from this bike, I need to rev the crap out of it ... I thought from all the reviews I read that CBR has quite and even power distribution. hmm ... also they told me that ron-95 is best fuel for it, no need to put ultimate ... interesting.

    In any case, I did 1000kms on it so I know how it behaved before. I really think its the fuel ... Im on half the tank now so not much longer to go ... I wish I was not going away for the weekend :( she'll have to wait :( :(
  14. Omarko I'll tell you a funny story. I filled up my first tank last night and thought "I'll put in Mobil high octane 8000". I took the bike for a ride today and I'm thinking "wtf why is it so sluggish?". I could easily tell it wasn't accelerating as hard as yesterday. I then remembered a certain thread :)

    I don't think our bikes like the really high octane fuel Omarko. I'll get through this tank and put some 95 Unleaded in which should bring the bike back to normal.
  15. I put ultimate in mine. I have never used anything else. I dont feel that it is sluggish, but I will try bp95 for my next tank and share what it is like.
  16. If you really are wanting to know the output of your bike get serious and put in a power commander and dyno it.
  17. Unless theres something really wrong with the bike it must be the fuel. It's the only thing thats changed. It is really noticable.
  18. Just got off the phone to the service department as the dealership I bought the bike from. They use BP ultimate :?

    Now im confused.