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Just had an accident

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bragi0, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. I'm physically OK... thanks to all my gear. The bike.... well. Broke the front brake lever off completely. Put some paint on the front mudguard. That's about it really.

    I was just a dozy bastard. I was doing a shoulder check, and hadn't left enough room in front of me for people doing silly things like stopping in the middle of a busy street. My fault. Damnit.

    Now I have to figure out what to do. Should I get it repaired where I bought it? Should I hunt around to see if there's somewhere close I can limp the bike to? (I managed to limp it home using just the back brake by staying in first and riding in first through the back streets).

  2. Mate!!! Good to hear you're OK. Where'd it happen?

    If the only real damage is the brake lever, I'd just do a ring around of bike wreckers and see if anyone has one lying around. You should be able to replace it yourself.
  3. Wot Pete said.

    I assume you didn't damage the vehicle you hit? Phew, if that's the case.

    Life's little lessons; as you say, you have to stay alert...
  4. Yeah... just had a look at my jacket and gloves. Far out, I am never riding around without those on! They've only got tiny scuff marks, but other than feeling like i thumped my palm into something I'm not hurt at all. No jacket and I'd probably be needing a new elbow right now. Same for the boots.

    I'm just going to get a couple of quotes (like how much it'll cost to get it towed to paramatta) now. As for fixing it myself, I'm well capable (grew up on a farm), but I have to factor in the cost of tools to do the task, as all mine are in the shed at home, 1200km from here.
  5. Good to hear you're ok. Do what Pete said and just give the wreckers a buzz, break levers shouldn't be too hard to find.

    What about your fairings, did you get scratch it up bad or is it cracked?
  6. I'm just going to go down and have another look at it now, but as far as I could see I got a small scratch on the fairing, the handle bars and the rear vision mirror. Fairing looks OK, but I obviously haven't been over it with a fine tooth comb yet.
  7. ...

    If the work's not major, try this website to source the parts. Having several hundred wreckers email you competing on price to get you your parts beats calling a couple of local wreckers! :LOL:


    Glad to hear you're ok. :)
  8. Hey wow, that's one incredibly useful link!
  9. glad to hear your ok m8.
  10. Well I have some of their paint on my mudguard, but they just drove off. I hung around for about 10 minutes to see if they were just doing a lap of the block or parking, but nope... no sign.

    Big thumbs up to the bloke in the cage behind me who asked if I was OK and needed help. Big GGF to all the bastards behind him who started passing him on the inside at speed while I was trying to pick my bike up and get it off the road.

    All this was on Harris street just outside the Powerhouse Museum.
  11. You can pick up a break lever for $10 - $15 from most wreckers, stick it on ur self, but after every accident i would recommend takin ur bike for a service, wen the bike gets knocked around, fluids go everywhere, carbs can get out of line etc...

    Don't worry about damage to your fairings, few scratches makes the bike look tougher.
  12. people are just to rushy , seeing a bike on the ground is scary enough
  13. Most of them were probably of the mob mentality. Traffic stopped, don't know why, oh look, he's going around....bugger it, so will I. Then all sense is out the window once they make the break for it. Same on freeways when there is an accident. One asshole drives his 4WD down the grass to get around and as soon as he makes the move, all those around him who had been waiting pull in behind him.
  14. They were drunk/unlicensed/an illegal immigrant/carrying drugs/carrying firearms/terrorists/you get my drift.

    Glad you're ok.
  15. or just terminally stupid, which covers pretty much any licensed australian driver.
  16. ur kinda baggin yourself with that comment... we're all terminally stupid??? well guess we're all dead then (terminally) :-w
  17. It's called a self deprecating, black sense of humor.
  18. glad your ok mate.. i can learn from this too being a new rider and all, i thinks its so much easier and that to get around in shorts and a jacket, but i hear about these things all the time now.. starting too worry ! hahah.. i am probably going to purchase some of those draggin jeans now, better safe than sorry i guess
  19. sad to hear about ur little crash
    but at least ur alright
    and the bike isnt too bad to fix...
  20. ah well lifes like a box of..... \:D/