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Just had an accident on my new bike

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by plaidler, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. G'day all,
    Was riding my brand new m109r on the way home sitting behind one of my co workers, the car in front of him slowed down and started to veer into the parking area on the left then did a uturn right in front of us with no indicator.
    As he was veering to the left me thinking he was parking i decided to overtake and ended up hitting him at about a 45degree angle round 60-70 kph.
    The boulevarde is a big heavy bike, the front wheel locked up but i released straight away, did this 3 times, 3 times the front locked up then release and the bike straightened itself up again till i came to a stop on the right side curb.

    I kept the bike upright, none of me touched the car or anything at all.
    Theres literally no damage to my bike that i can see cept for a scrape on the underside of the right fork
    and the damage to the other vehicle

    I rode the bike home, everything feels just fine. Gonna take it to the mechanics in the morning and get his opinion on it to be sure.
    All details exchanged, im insured and i have 2 witnesses that saw him not indicate.

    Gonna leave myself open to lectures by saying it will be the last time i wear a singlet home, and of course the lesson learned is obviously to expect the unexpected 100% of the time, not 99% like today.

  2. Good job keeping it upright.

    You weren't tempted to add another dent at all?
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  3. #3 plaidler, Mar 11, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2016
    Was funny cause the guy in front of me who i know fairly well was getting angrier than i was as the car in question tried to say it was my fault.
    Honestly i was just thankful i had no injuries and silently cheering i kept a 340kg bike upright whilst skidding sideways at an angle. Im kinda wondering if having such a fat rear tire. helped it to stand back up easier.

    I cant edit the first post but i meant to say underside of left fork
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  4. Well that is going to be a story to re tell for many years.
    I would think your over full good Karma jar, is now well and truly empty. A bet your 6th senses will be firing in the future when a similar situation starts.

    Good news that you and the bike are well, and you even managed to leave a scar on that brainless car.
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  5. Fark dude.. Looks like your disk did the lower damage mention that to the mech.

    60 to70 you say, glad your ok man.
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  6. What a lucky escape plaidlerplaidler! Great job keeping the bike upright and not getting hurt yourself. And that muppet of a driver had a nerve to blame you? Seriously?! Hope your mechanic confirms no damage. You definitely dipped into your Good Karma jar, doubt it will be truly empty though! Calls for a good drink or two tonight methinks (y)
  7. Wow, lucky......
  8. image.
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  9. About time a car came of worse than a bike from a tango - congrats and glad you're ok!
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  10. Good to hear you're unscathed and great job keeping the old girl upright (y)
  11. Glad to see you (and the bike) are all intact mate ;)
  12. Had a mom in a 4 wheel drive doing the school pickup do the same to me. Pulled left as if to park then did a u turn with no indicator. Still don't know how I missed her. Went home to change my pants!
  13. Well done keeping it vertical and also not holding onto a locked front brake in panic.

    As you've said, assume that every car pulling over is looking to do a U-Turn, along with every other possible manoeuvre, and you'll be more prepared when they do...and they do.
  14. I'm glad you came out of it ok and you learnt a lot from it.

  15. What makes you think it wasn't your fault?

    You hit him after approaching from behind didn't you?

    Sure, he may not have indicated as he should have, and it sucks that someone elses poor driving can set off a chain of other poor decisions which can end in a collision, but at the end of the day you made a choice and which ended with your bike making contact with a car.

    Don't be surprised if you are held accountable by the insurance companies.
  16. I'm not so sure about that Craig. The damage to the car is just behind the front wheel on the sill, wing and front door.

    Seems to me OP was pretty well up alongside a vehicle pulling over to the left before the car decided to swing right. As in a simple headcheck or look in the mirror should have seen OP (but we know that doesn't happen).

    Good save though plaidlerplaidler
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  17. The first accident I had as a taxi doing exactly the same thing, takes to much effit to look first. Shame you were not driving a concrete truck
  18. Neither of us were there though, so its hard to accurately speculate. I'm just asking how can he be sure?

    Someone who pulls out of a parking space without giving way is going to be found in the wrong, but someone who is rolling along on the road and simply pulls left before then turning right to make a u turn in a wider arc, maybe not!
    Poor road craft and situational awareness on the drivers behalf for sure, but they might still have right of way, even though they were too useless to indicate or do a head check/mirror check.

    Either way, the most important thing is that the OP came out of it alright. It could have been much more serious. Hope that he can take something away from it in terms of reading traffic and erring on the side of caution. Even a big bike leaves you very vulnerable in traffic. Doesn't matter who's in the wrong! Lots of guys in the cemetery were in the right.
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  19. Well said.

    The mechanic found silver paint under the side stand, turns out it was the edge of it that scraped the car on top and the bottom corner of the left fork that scraped the bottom mark.
    Bike got the all clear, ive rang the insurance company and reported it just to cover my butt either way
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  20. Great news on the bike mate.