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Just had an accident - not at fault - bike has been towed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Puffin, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Just after some advice here. I had an accident this morning (about 2 hours ago) where a women did a u-turn and I ran up the back of her. Here is a diagram if you are interested.

    So here is the situation - peak hour traffic in the morning - heavy congestion. I am in a clear lane that is free for about 500m doing about 40/50km/hr when a little red car swings out from in front on stationary traffic right into my lane. I literally had about 1 sec to react. She turns out hard and bang!, I hit her is the back left panel.

    She said that traffic has apparently waived her through, as in giving her the 'all clear'. Little did they know, I was coming along that lane.

    So I hit the car, hit the ground and a whole bunch of people pull over to give me a hand. It was really nice actually, people from everywhere got out of there cars and waited until all the emergency service vehicles came.

    So first thing the girl who pulled in front of me says is 'sorry'. I'm sitting on the road cursing and eventually move onto the grassy side bit and sit down. I take off my helmet - my leg hurts, my chest feels a bit funny and my finger feels like it's broken.

    Anyway, the fire guys, the police and an Ambo came - sirens howling everywhere.

    It's all good though, the ambos checked me out and said I was fine - and I am. The bike had the left handlebar ripped off, however, and the front light smashed. The tank is pretty heavily dented too.

    Anyways, the girl admitted fault, the police fined her for not taking care and a witness there told me not to worry, that it was totally her fault - and I got his contact details. I asked the nice officer what he thought at first glance, and he replied that she was at fault - not taking care when performing a u-turn. I received no fine, and must add that the police were extremely helpful.

    I just didn't see her until it was too late - she came out of a thick lane of traffic really quick, didn't see me and yeah... the rest is history.

    Now some questions:

    Where do I go from here - how do I claim for the bike/gear/wristwatch/helmet and how long will it take. The tow truck drivers took both her car and mine... will I have to pay for my towing..?

    What is the likelihood that I will get a payout for the bike - it is a Honda Spada 1989 - write off or repair?. The tow guy thought it was borderline...

    Anyone have any experience with this - will I get close to what I paid, i.e. $3200?

    Oh, and by the way, I was wearing all of my gear (except boots) and came out with a little scratch on my elbow. When I hit that car, it kind of felt really soft.. almost like a pillow. Thank goodness for that...

    Oh and I get a day off work :)


  2. If you are insured (even if it's only third party property) report it to your insurance company. If you aren't, get some quotes for repair costs and do a search on how to claim against her insurance. There's a lot of good information accumulated here over the years - you just need to dig a bit. :wink:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.