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Just had accident-need chrome paint job help

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by banditbob, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Lost some paint from my zeal's chrome exhaust, and was wondering how to go about a respray.

    If I were to remove the existing paint, would that effect the cooling of the exhaust?

    B4 I respray, do I need to apply some kind of coolant ingrediant?

    Forgive my ignorance on the subject but I've only had a bike for 4 weeks.

    This is just a cheap paint job and only a temporary measure untill I can afford a pro effort.

  2. you have my confused??? you want to paint your chrome exhaust?

    you cant paint chrome plating, the paint will not bond with the chrome surface you would have you a low grain abrassive paper to roughen it up and it will look shizzenhouzen, how bad is the exhaust marked?

    chrome isnt painted on, its a dipping process that is a metal coating

    or is your exhuast stainless, you could try using a higher grit paper like 800 then 1200 to smooth it out and repolish it if it is
  3. yep, got to be dipped. My suggestion is wait til your ready to sell unless you really like your bike. Most likeyly it might happen again. Polish out light scratches with autosol.

  4. good to see another sutosol fan out there :LOL:
  5. FLAME :demon: :demon: :demon: :demon: :demon: :demon: :demon: :demon: :demon: :demon:

    sand then get heat proff paint respray and cure as per instructions.

    Best alternative is to sand cut polish then clear coat with heat proof paint
  6. crutch this was posted 2 months ago

  7. I was using autosol but now moved on to mothers imo it gives the same result with a lot less effort.