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Just got to Australia

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PADDYS, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I just got into Melbourne, well Sale actually, the other day for a two month visit to see my wife. I went and bought a GSXR 750 on Tuesday to help me pass the time while she is at work. I have been lurking on the forum for a couple of months now and I have to say it seems to be a very friendly place to be. Maybe I will get a chance to meet up with some people in the future and be able to pick brains about different things although most questions have already been answered on the forum at some point I am sure.

    Cheers, Paddy.
  2. Welcome to Netrider, Paddy!
  3. Nice choice of bike. Just a wild guess but are you from Ireland?
  4. Good wild guess!
    I was born in Belfast, lived there for 20 years, joined the Royal Navy and moved to England. I have lived there for 25 years, 2 more years in the Navy and then move here for good. I can't wait.

  5. And you sent your wife out ahead as a sort of Canary in a mine test did you ;) Welcome Paddy.
  6. It actually worked out really well for me. I was in Bahrain at the time she moved so not a lot I could do to help. She got here and sorted out a rented house, a car etc etc. I just had to turn up for a two month holiday, find a bike, buy it and Robert is your close relative. Happy days.
    I am going up to Brighton to pick the bike up tomorrow, I hope the weather holds off. It has been brilliant since I got here on Monday and really want a nice day to ride home.

  7. Welcome mate, if you want I'll take care of the bike till you return!
  8. Hi Paddy Welcome to NR and to Australia
  9. hey Paddy, welcome to NR, pissin down in sunny melbourne at the moment, reckon you'll see some flashin lights down your way in a couple of hours.
    If it's shitful tomorrow get yourself some plastics for the ride home and go careful, shame you werent pickin the bike up sat morning, we have a meet up about 10 kms if that from where you're collecting the bike from, learner session every sat morn by the beach.. :)
  10. Welcome to the nuthouse Paddy !!!

    Where bouts in Brighton do you have to pick your bike up from ..

    My better half is taking my bike down to A1 Brighton in the morning for it's first service :D
  11. Welcome Paddy - nice to meet you meet you mate. Good to have you here. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you're going to drop by Brisbane in your travels, let me know.
  12. Thanks for all the welcomes, very kind. I am picking the bike up from Motoheaven. My plan is to be here for two months, England for 6 weeks, Bahrain for 4 months and back here for two or three months over Christmas. The bike will be in the garage when i am away so I need to find a set of paddock stands and a bike cover to keep things sweet.

  13. Motoheaven is next door to A1 ..
    if you see a lost soul hanging about in his motorcycle gear between 9 and 11 .. say hi :D

    He'll be keeping an eye on my Aprillia :)
  14. Ok if you haven't chosen your route home then try THIS

    Doesn't look good for weather though :(
  15. I am intending to be there at about that time. I will keep an eye out for " a lost soul " I will be the one panicking on a white GSXR.
    I couldn't get the link on the route but if it is the coastal/long way back it may be the route I drove home on Tuesday. Was really nice and would be good on a bike but due to weather etc I think I will be going by the most direct route.

    Thanks again for the replies, real friendly.

  16. Hi Paddy no it is inland through the Hills, commonly known as the Noojee run. The coastal route is also good. Avoid the Princess Highway, it will bore you silly.

    The link works for me, if you click on the "THIS" in my previous post what happens?
  17. Hi,

    When I click " this" it just takes me to a map of Melbourne and the east coast, much like google maps if inputting Melbourne. There is no route highlighted or anything different.

    The weather outside is terrible, I had to buy mostly new gear when I got here and didn't buy water-proofs. I think I may get soaked. Typical, perfect weather since I got here then the day I want it to be good it's awful. Oh well, as my wife would say " suck it up buttercup "

    Hopefully I will be leaving soon, just got to kick my wife out of bed. ( not often you hear a bloke say that )

  18. Hi Chris,

    I have just looked it up on google. It looks good. I will see what he weather is like on the way home and make up my mind from there. Thanks for taking an interest.

  19. Welcome Paddy, now if you're like other Irish riders I've met, you're partial to a bit of road racing, in Victoria we have these insidious things called a speed camera, worse than the UK, you will normaly see them skulking by the side of the road waiting for unsuspecting well behaved law abiding bike riders like you and the rest of the Netrider community to ride past a couple of kms over the posted limit.


    so ride safe, speak slowly to the natives, (I've lived and served in Sale) and if you ride past a speed camera, give em the bird for me.....
  20. Roger " camera, bird"

    Well just got home from picking up the bike. Absolutely over the moon with it and I almost made it back without getting wet, just the last 30/40 minutes got me. The ride back, the most direct boring route I'm afraid, went with no problems whatsoever, I didn't see any bad driving and nothing to scare me so far.
    I'm really looking forward to some good weather so I can get out and about. Happy days.