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just got this request from the media, anyone?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, May 10, 2007.

  1. Hi Vic,

    I work as a journalist covering the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney - including Kings Cross - and am working on a story about a police crackdown on biker gangs in the area.

    I would like to approach the story from a different angle and show the other side by speaking to someone who is a part of that culture but goes against stereotypes or can comment on the discrimination bikers have to deal with.

    I hope you can help - it would need to be someone from our area, and I would need to chat to them in the next few days to make our deadline.

    I think it would be great if you could find someone who really goes against the grain of what people assume a biker/gang member is - to challenge the ideas and the fears many people have and to articulate what the culture is about etc etc.

  2. interesting.... its a good sign that people (read: a person) have come to realize that owning a motorcycle is not a crime!
  3. wheres hornet600 when you need him :LOL:
  4. hornet's your man !
  5. i live in east subs Sydney... but i'm not a "biker"... i'm a rider :p... i'll be willing too have a chat lol
  6. How else will I ever be considered cool and tough if not by association with this stereotype through my love of bikes?! Perpetuate I say, perpetuate! :cool:
  7. + the 3 amigos for a contrast mix!
  8. I think its great that those "bikies" get a bad image, they are in fact quite bad!

    I think you'll want to talk about generalising which is the problem that riders face.
  9. you serious ???
    tell him to have breakfast at the Mecca on King St, 10am Saturday morning !

    I'll introduce him to a bike culture !

    I hope he likes his Latte ! ;)
  10. presumptuous lot aren't you, it's a she ;)
  11. :worthlesspics:

    If they're really good, there might even be volunteers to ride up to NSW
  12. But Hornet's from the 'Gong - they want a real person not someone from Moe north :p :LOL: :LOL:
  13. well, you can tell HER !
    If she wants to see passionate non-bikie motorbikers !

    Mecca, King St Syd, 10am Saturday morning. ;)

    And tell HER, coffee is on me ! :eek:

  14. bet she's hot :p
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Get her along to a netrider coffee night, just make sure Scrambles is not there!!! :LOL: :LOL:
  16. I just bet $10 with Jesus, that she reverse parks and hits Micky's bike.
  17. hmm - interesting to notice that she seems to think all riders are 'bikers' and members of some kind of gang.

    yeah it's great she wants to show riders as nice caring people, but it should also be brought to her attention that just cause you ride a bike doesn't mean you are in a gang.
  18. But....isn't NR one ? I'm not getting a patch ? :shock:

    AH, FFS....

  19. Well, we do ride in groups and tight formation.

    - we takeover pubs when we're there.

    - we speak ill of politicians and car/taxi drivers.

    - we frequently provide drugs [paracetamol... when someone falls off].

    - It's almost impossible to leave...

    - vic has all the members love and respe... well maybe we aren't like a gang after all :p :grin:
  20. No worries Micky, is this a definite coz, I'll email her back and let her know that it's on.