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Just got rear-ended!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sidecar55, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. On the way home from work corner Canterbury & Bayswater Rds turning left, slowed & checked for traffic through intersection BANG. Knocked me flying & bike gone down on right side. Scratches to paint & engine covers, destroyed carbon pipe, bent rear brake lever. Hope my OZ wheel is OK as they're no longer in production :evil: :( :cry:
    A guy in a Hi-lux stopped to give help, thanks mate, helped me calm down a bit as quite a few expletives were used!!! Sore right shin.
    Down to PS for insurance quote during the week with my detailed list of damage!

  2. Did the person who hit you stop?
  3. Yeah. Got all her details. Witness as well. All's good I hope. Made her get her licence out to check what she wrote was correct. Damn!
  4. :evil: Seriously what is wrong with these people who can't see a dirty great bike motorcycle parked in front of them.
  5. when i drive i used to find it hard to perceive the required distance to stop because there is only a single stream of stop light to gauge
    ..as compared to the usual 2
    ..which gets embedded into your mind as indicators to stop

    maybe thats it?
  6. The dope who clouted me at the top of Crown Street in Wollongong was at least honest enough to say, "Sorry, mate, I wasn't watching where I was going!". Didn't help though, my bike was off the road for 3 months while the Insurance company shilly-shallied about parts :(.
  7. More likely it was due to the fact that the driver was a woman! :p

    Good luck with the insurance claim, mate.
  8. wowsers, smee plays the 'age-ist' card in the politics thread and now you play the sexist card in this thread. Must be something in the water :LOL:.
  9. What a bugger, but the main part is you are living to fight another day.
  10. agree with you here....but some people use there bike everyday to get to work etc etc
    what happens here do insurance covers ya? or does the person who crashed into you pays for loss of income??
    if your bike is not rideable and needs to be fixed for a few days??
  11. you can try and claim a replacement vehicle, but unless you have it as an option on your own policy, you generally have buckleys of getting a hire car/bike for the time yours is off the road for repairs. as for lost income, insurers usually cover themselves to get out of that too. :(
  12. Agree.. women cant drive for sh|t, neither can most people from an asian country and old people and also people from interstate visiting sydney!
  13. You got rear ended hey... Hoped you used protection!
  14. so... is it the 1st or 2nd wednesday of each month for your KKK meetings??

    every nationality, sex or state has its bad drivers :idea:
  15. But all of you gotta agree .... old asian women *are* shocking... Hence why I do not get into the car with my mum driving, or my gf's mum driving..
  16. hey sidecar, glad to hear your ok, can i ask who your insurer is?

    as for the whole asian thing, im not racist, but i think i can safely say asians and cabbie's are the ones you REALLY need to look out for!

    :grin: :grin: :) :)
  17. Bundaberg hey? sorry i left you out.. all sh|t drivers out there too :)
  18. Oh great. Someone got knocked off their bike and I'm here laughing my arse off. :oops:


    There's nothing like a sexist joke to break the ice. :p

    At least she stopped and you have witnesses. Seems to be alot more that most people get.