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Just got off the phone to Western QBE...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Zealt, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Just got off the phone to Western QBE about a quote,

    I know people have asked a trillion times about insurance stuff but its always changing and everyones circumstances are different this is what i told them even though i have yet to get a bike.

    27 Male
    Postcode for Vermont
    CBR600RR 05 model
    Garaged and Locked
    Full License
    No Claims
    Want Full Comp
    Speeding tickets over a year ago

    Amount was aprox $1500 PA Full comp.

    So what im really asking is do you have a similar make and model? And how old are you and WHATS YOUR PREMIUM?

    This way i know if i should keep looking around for somewhere cheaper, i was going though AAMI before i became the Man meat and bike sandwich for 2 cars and their full com cost me $512 PA (but there cover isn't as good)

    Also i asked if it was a thousand how much more would it be and he said the price wouldn't change... Which is good because in my hunting im finding some 04'ish Blades cheaper and in better nick then the 600's

  2. Try insure my ride.

    approx $1000 pa. full comp for a 2007 cbr600rr

    (similar to your personal stats and location, but no speeding fines)
  3. My cheapest quote so far is about 3.5, 4 grand PA for full comp.

    The cheapest when I was 19 and had my GSXR600 was 6 grand.

    I can get fire and theft to cover up to 5 grand of damage for 2.5, 3 grand PA.

    In other words, don't move to Sydney.

    Insurance for my brother in VIC, one year older on a nija 600, is 1000 PA.

  4. I'll get some more recent quotes and see how I go, then re-post.
  5. Do you have any ratings/no claim bonus from any other insurer for car/bike insurance?

    Some will count this, or they used to, though being under 30 (or now 35 - it seems to have changed) counts against you.
  6. I recently got a quote from QBE for my Ducati 848 and they quoted 1700 bucks. I am 26 with the bike stored in a locked garage in a good suburb.

    Ended up getting a quote from arista and they matched it for 1000 bucks
  7. Insuremyride,

    similar stats, slightly older, 07 600rr, no speeding fine.
    in CBD, "secured parking lot"
    fully comp

    speeding fines shouldnt matter, should it? only license suspension.
  8. give GIO a try

    i have a 07 gix750, no damage, "no mods", 55xx Ks

    22, 1 x licence suspension, 2 x thefts, 2 years bike exp (full licence), 3012

    Premium $1600 (they offered me rating 1)
    Cover 14 grand (i paid 10 for the bike)
    Choice of repairer (none of that 3 quote bs)
    Excess(s) standard $450, age $400, licence suspension $700

    either way im still in front, the suspension hit me hard.

    To compare AAMI $1950, RACV $3500, insuremyride $3800, everyone else wouldn't touch me
  9. CBR600RR, 05, garaged, no suspensions/license loss ever. 1 claim in last few years, couple of offences in last few years, 30 years of age, inner west sydney.
    I think I pay $600 a year with insuremyride

    I used to pay $550 with Arista, but then they got bought out by Famous and the price went up. (this was before I turned 30).

    So yeah, you can do better with your insurance, unless vermont is ghetto? ( I have no idea about Melb suburbs).
  10. For the 05 CBR1000?

    My full comp insurance in Sydney has been:

    Ducati S4R $1,200
    RS125 $1,000
    MV Agusta - $740 - go figure :roll:
    VTR1000 - $620

    I use QBE and Allianz.

    The R1 / GSXR1000 / CBR1000 quotes i got on the weekend are all around the $1,000 mark for full comp. That's always garaged and 1 claim, no restriction on usage or kms.
  11. Is it a fair rule of thumb to say that a faired bike costs double to insure? That's what it looks like from everyone's posts.
  12. If you go with wQBE, ensure you read the PDS. It may not be what you expect. Infact that goes for any insurance company.
  13. QBE took care of everything when i had my crash.

    Considering where it happened, i was bloody thrilled with their effort at retrieving the bike.
  14. I just paid $1700 for my 675 with Arista/Famous.

    Value $12,500
    under 25
    one suspension
    non existant no claim bonus

    I got the quote last month for $1700 and now when I checked it again today it was $2700. Pretty chuffed TBH. It pays to read the PDS and I am satisfied with it.

    All of the other insurers want from $2500-$4000. Absurd.
  15. 36, clean record last 5 years-no claim or license points loss,
    cbr600rr 07 full comp
    insure my ride
    garage wantirna south
  16. 29yo male
    Daytona 675
    Quoted Insure my Ride - $1400 (but that included gear coverage)
    Went with AAMI - $1040 (no gear covered). I have old bike and our car throgh them.
  17. QBE - car also with them
    35, Male
    Sachs 650 Roadster
    Fully comp with named driver: Female, 28
    Just under $300
    Clean license, no fines
  18. Sachs 650 - they seem like a great bike!

    I did a speculative quote call for a mid90s Harley XL883, say around $8k. I can't remember exactly, but was going to be less than $300. 31yr Male in Carlton.... I thought that was pretty good considering the perceived theft-problem re HDs. It's certainly worth checking insurance costs before you buy - could buy a good bike every two years with the amount many people pay!
  19. you guys have it good. i think i'm paying way too much, but i have a bad record.

    32, male, bike insured for $36k, $2500, living in the CBD (apparently it matters!).
  20. Try Swann. -
    2008 Bandit 1250, Carport, "Mechanical Protection", 3786
    Rating 2, 22 Years, No claims, Full Comp (Can't afford to bin it/ have it stolen), Agreed Value (10,500), 6 points left (Lost the first 6 on my 250), Daily use, $825/year. Western QBE wanted $1700, IMR wanted over $2000!