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just got new bike(pics)k6 gixxer thou

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gsxr movistar, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. just got a k6 gixxer thou.this thing is mad has so much more power than my 600! just have to wait for my son to go to school tomorrow so i can ride it.. :grin:





  2. Ya, resolution does not = quality. Resizing them to 800 would result in more viewable, better images.

    Great looking bike though :)
  3. do i do that on my camera or computer?? :?
  4. Well check that your camera is on high quality setting. Then when you post pics here, resize them to 800x600ish (which you do on your computer). If you have picture editing software you use that to resize it.. else there are some websites that resize pics... or just download a free resizer.
  5. Looks fast standing still eh?
  6. should hear it! :cool:
  7. thanx phizog sorted it. :grin:
  8. Ktulu: "Oooooh."

    Ktulu's GF: "What?"

    Ktulu: "Some bastard just bought a new bike... a very very nice new bike."

    That's a very very nice new bike you have there!
  9. yeah thats nice. real nice. great buy.
  10. Nice one MS! [​IMG]

    My brother got the K7.

    Silly Q:

    Whats that hook for?

  11. thats where pillion peg sits when folded back(they have been removed at moment)
  12. Geez that was a stupid Q :roll: :grin:

    Aside from pipe & cowl, did she come with any other acc's?
  13. i found the problem!
    dont think it will be an easy fix though :?
  14. 200% better than that crappy red wing thing on your heap of junk :p :LOL:
  15. Very nice mate. Nearly bought that exact same pipe last night for my bike and decided to go for the MotoGP looking M4 instead.

    The hook.......

    Isn't that a luggage tie down point?
  16. yeah i shoulda got the good all rounder like you did.
  17. Dead sexy bike that! I've seen a couple when I'm riding around and the new grey/titanium paint (or whatever they call it, probably "Dark Side Of The Moon" if some marketing wanker's been near the fact sheet) looks very complete and gives the bike a very harmonious look.
  18. pick up knobs,front & rear race stand & the original pipe..the cowl comes standard on suzuki's as well as the seat.
  19. pick up knobs,front & rear race stand & the original pipe..the cowl comes standard on suzuki's as well as the seat.