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Just got myself my first 'big boy' bike - Tiger 1050

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Gooza, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. As the title states, and after 18 months of procrastination on upgrading to a bigger, faster, taller, louder, betterer motorcycle, went and finally laid down a deposit on a 2011 Crystal White Triumph Tiger 1050 ABS, came with Triumph Panniers and Top box, all keyed alike. Crash knobs, Gear Indication, Alloy levers, Arrow Pipe, yada yada.

    Bit of step up, in more ways than one, barely get my feet on the ground on this puppy, after being able to flat foot and then some on the little CB400.

    Will pick it up next weekend. Not so sure I can wait now I've taken the plunge.

    Think my kids gunna love it too.

    Replaces the ex wife rather well I think.

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  2. fcuking A man, happy divorce!!
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  3. About time and congrats on the new toy, and you thought the little CB went well, mmm, you better hang on when you twist the throttle on this beast :woot:

    Great looking bike Alan and keen to see it on the 25th (and at Bright)

    Well done (y)
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  4. Good on you, GoozaGooza! Impeccable taste of yours, starting on the CB400 and now the Tiger. (y)
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  5. I'd rather the bike and the wife, but, meh, sh*t happens as they say.
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  6. Will you be trying it "off-road?" :sneaky:
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  7. Errrrr, No. :whistle:
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  8. nice bike (y)
  9. Gratz mate! :cool:
  10. awesome stuff, can't wait to see more pics
  11. Great work Al, I'm very jealous!
  12. The joy of getting your License before the 3 year wait began. Mind you, I've still waited over 18 months to upgrade due to indecision, and my love of the little cee bee.
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  13. Nice one GoozaGooza hope to see you soon on an epic sat ride.
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  14. cool bike mate
    soz about the wife
  15. Hope to be out again with UG and all in 2 weeks. Probably pick up the bike next Saturday, so that's out, but GF day (or a GF Public Holiday ride uncle greguncle greg ) isn't out of the question. (y)
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  16. Congrats on the bike...

  17. So, I am already considering a 25mm (1 inch) lowering link and raising the forks in the triple tree a tad given I cant flat foot the beast (Sitting on it on my own)

    Any advice on whether this is a dumb move, given I will be carrying a pillion very often. 90gk of me, and another 65kg of passenger. + Gear

    Oh: And I've already lost a few kilos, so no smart ass comments on my weight :smug:
  18. The lowering link will make it easier for your pillion to get on as well, and the Tiger has plenty of clearance from standard, losing an inch is fine for tarmac work.

    PS: I'm jealous, counting the days til I can have a big boy bike.
  19. Congrats ... bike looks awesome!