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Just got myself a Suzuki GSXR600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jimbob80, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. Hello all,

    I posted a few comments here quite a while ago about the fact that I was planning to do Q-Ride and then get myself a Hyosung gt250r...

    Well, I am doing Q-Ride 18th April and just got myself a bike LOL... decided to get a 2004 Suzuki GSXR600.

    Picked it up for $9950 after quite a bit of negotiation...

    only got 3458km on the odo and is in great condition. Also has a new Yoshi Pipe...

    Also got all my gear (Helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, oggy knobs) for $800

    So, I believe that this may have been a better decision long term as the Hypsung was $7100 ride away...

    Anyone have any comments?? as I am new to riding and wonder if I may have been ripped off but I accually feel that I got a good deal....

    Thanks all,
  2. mahahaha that bike is going to scare you! :grin: GET INSURANCE cause going from 0 to GSXR is a big step.

    i love the 'best for the long term' comment ...i think looking at the immediate future where you're learning might have been wiser.. but then i'm just extremly jealous.

    sweet bike, good luck :)

    <hmmm, and they wonder why there are so many deaths of riders in QLD, when you can buy a GSXR straight off the mark :roll: take it easy and don't become one of a very overrepresented statistic in QLD.>
  3. Yeah jim take bloody care mate, and don't ever think you've learned all there is to know.

    You're gonna drop that bike a few times, so for christ's sake ride within your limits and make those drops as harmless as possible.

    FWIW, I think that's a rotten choice of first bike. But good luck.
  4. Very good price you got that for mate.
    Loz :jerk: , you don't know that he's gonna drop the bike, shit happens but just ride safe you'll be right.
    Just get comfortable with the basics before you start to go fsat and have some respect for the bike.
  5. Hi der Jimbo,

    Thats a sweet ride and i am to very jealous :evil: , just take it easy and do get insurance, if you dnt drop it then someone vwill drop it for ya or even worst......
  6. Sounds like a great buy mate!

    Got any piccys?

    As has been said, take it easy to start with and you should be okay. At 26 years old, you should be past that irresponsible-young-hoon-with-balls-bigger-than-your-brain phase of your life, so stay safe and enjoy it!

    The thrill factor should last a lot longer than it would have with the 250. (I'm well and truly ready to upgrade from my 2fiddy - only 2 more months to go!)

    Have fun and keep the shiny side up! ;)
  7. I don't think it's entirely to do with how 'responsible' or 'mature' or 'irresponsible' you are.

    More than 70% of Netriders crashed their first bike, according to a recent poll. Many did it more than once. Most of them ride 250cc bikes, which don't present a lot of the extra risks associated with a 110hp race bike.

    There's a chance he won't drop it, but that would put him in the *minority* of people. As I said, I hope when it happens it's as harmless as possible.
  8. It's a fair warning but why do so many seem to state it as fact? It seems to set up an unnecessary expectation/acceptance of 'failure'.

    None of the half a dozen new riders I've known have ever dropped their bike. One had some kid in a car park drop it (damn suicide stands), as he fled, when he was caught sitting on it, making vroom, vroom sounds but...
  9. Any reason you're running parallel threads, by the way?
  10. Awwwwww. :?

    I'm 40 and still in that phase. Does this mean I shouldn't be?? :roll:

    :p :p :p
  11. No, it just means you're an irresponsible old hoon.... :p
  12. Are you allowed to ride that as a newbie??

    Awesome bike BTW.......................sooooooooo jealous!
  13. Yep you can ride what ever you like here if you do Q-ride. :bannanabutt:
  14. freakin out

    Ok guys,

    Now I am totally freaking out about it............. :p hehe

    I just want to say that I am 26 and I have been driving since 1996, I have a strong stance against speeding and don't even speed in my own car...

    I did not get the bike just because it is capable of speed, I got it as I immidiatly fell in love with the thing when I first saw it. See, I am wanting a bike that I can just keep and not worry about having to upgrade further down the track. This is the other reason for deciding to get it.

    I dont want to have a bike for 2 or whatever years and then decide to go for a bigger one.

    But, now I feel that maybe I have made the wrong decision about getting it... I am new to motorcycles and when I do q-ride and then an advanced riding course thas will be the first time even on a bike, so yeah I am freakin out.

    Yes, maybe I will push it oneday to see what it can do but that will not be when anyone else is on the road... but apart from that I will not be speeding and riding like a d#$k head......

    I will try to ride as responsibly as I can, I know that things can still happen no matter how safe you are but as long as I know I am riding as saftley as I can then I am happy.

    The reason for the double post (I did not think that I posted this in the correct place so posted it in another area.) sorry if this caused any problems.

    I have not yet got the bike at home as it is still in the shop. I have paid a deposit and will fix up the rest soon. Then I will post some pics for you to look at.

    Thankyou for all the comments, please keep them comming as I feel I need to hear what you have to say. As I am inexperienced I need help to make the correct choice.

  15. Its good that you're freaking out about it, it'll make you more careful for a start!

    The first road bike I ever rode was a '95 GSX-R750 about two years before I even had my Ls for riding. I had ridden a couple of trailies before then for about an hour total. A mate had taken me out on the back of it to warp speed and back and then handed me the keys and said go for it.

    I was scared shitless when I first rode the Gixxer, and took it very very carefully, as will you when you get your bike. I rode it a few times, gradually building confidence and ability. I didn't come off or kill myself once. (I have had a good stack on my 250 though! I think the brakes, not the power, are more likely to cause an accident).

    Its not rocket science. Yes, you have a quite powerful bike for a first one, but you control that power with your right hand. With newer bikes, there's no nasty powerband to catch you out, just a fairly smooth delivery of power through the rev range.

    I think you'll be okay. Don't stress too much.

    You're commited to buying it now, so all thats left to do is to look forward to getting to know it. This forum has plenty of people who will tell you anything you do is a bad idea and will get you killed or kill your bike. Don't let their negativies get you down. Focus on the constructive advise about being careful etc, and enjoy your new ride.
    (There are people who are positive too so take their enthusiasm, with the others' cautions and get a good mix of advice and well wishes.)

    Looking forward to seeing the pics!

  16. I'm a new rider too. I don't want to pretend I can offer much wisdom after only riding for a few weeks.......

    so here it is........ :p

    The thing when I first started riding was I was SCARED. One of the things I knew I didn't have to worry too much about was the fact that my bike having such a low power to wieght ratio I wasn't going to slingshot myself into something hard. I asked the question here on netrider about getting a bike similar to yours and there was a mixed response. Some people believe that you could safely ride a bike like this and as long as you don't twist the hand too much you'd be fine. Only thing is as learners we don't always get it right, so it's the unintentional unplanned events that we have to watch out for.

    I'm just intersted did the shop try and steer (counter :grin: ) you away from this?

    Please get some pics and write lots of reports as I think there will be alot of new riders wondering what it's like to get on a serious sports bike with limited experience.

    Good luck to you, I'd definately love a bike like that. (I'll give you $7500 if you choose to sell it :grin: :LOL: )
  17. thanx

    thanx for the comments I really appreciate it...

    I get the bike on the 20th of April as I do QRide on the 18th, no point in picking it up any sooner :p

    as soon as i get it I will post some pics for ya all.

    It is metalic yellow with a blue glimmer when sun hits it.

    The shop mentioned that it is fast and all that, but at the end of the day they want the sale so yeah.... you get my drift..

    thankyou again, it really means alot to get feedback of any kind from you all.

  18. Well all this talk has freaked me out a bit too :? , I am in the exact same position at the moment except i am in the "hoon" stage (But i am not a hoon! =; ) and i have not actually bought the bike. She is an 2000 model with not so much af a scratch on her @ 15,000km for $9000 + on roads =P~ . I am in the same mind set as jim, get a bike that i can ride for more than 6months - 1 year (which they made no attempt to sway me from). I am going for my Q-ride next week and an advanced course comes with the bike. I really love the bike to but i am shite scared of wrapping my self around something hard with only limited off road exp :shock: . I plan on spending about $2k on safety gear so hopefully that will help :) . It is a tough call, i think it is a good deal but then there is statistics! :eek:hno:
  19. same bike?

    Hello heregoes,

    Are you getting a Gixxer also?

    May I ask what type of gear you are looking to get? as I am still looking at different stuff.

  20. Re: same bike?

    Well dude to be honest i do not know what a Gixxer is :oops: but yes i am getting the same bike as you (well maybe, deposit is down subject to a test ride).
    As for gear, i have the Alpine Supertec boots, HorneeX Kevlar jeans and i am going to get a two peace leather suit, Shoei RF 1000 and gloves with knuckle protection. I figure this is the one place that i can justify blowing the budget a bit, firstly it is the only thing between you and the road, second if i buy well now and look after them well i will not have to buy up-grade too soon. If you wana get good deal go to Noyes Honda in Brendale they have really good specials ATM.