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QLD Just got my rego renewal. Expensive

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TRA, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Grand total of $400 for a motorbike. I remember when a 4 cylinder car was less than that.

    I notice there is asurcharge of $8.35 for 6 month renewal. Whats that all about? Couldn't find any info on the QT website.
  2. I wish mine was that cheap.
  3. $503.70 for VIC bike rego.
  4. that extra $8.35 was on my rego renewal that i got early december, it's nothing to do with flood levy.
    we've had the cheapest rego for a fair while, at the expense of having unsafe shitboxes cluttering up roads statewide
  5. Yeah the flood levy part sounds like bullshit. Still, piss poor that they charge it for 6 month rego. I cant recall seeing it before, possible cause I always pay 12 months I never paid attention to it.

    This is the first time I have had to pay full rego on a bike. In the past I always just register for single seat, however cause wifey bought it for me she must have lined it up with dual seat rego.
  6. It has always cost more to register a vehicle for 2 x 6 months than 12 months since the option was made available. From memory the last budget put in an increase in the surcharge of a few dollars.
  7. No you don't, if I read that right, it's $800 for the year.
  8. Same here. I'll take the $400 option any day. ;)

  9. its 400 for the year, but there is a 6 month option that costs something like 230 (dont have the bill here).
  10. I think that is usually for pensioners or consession card holders. I'm pretty sure it is for Vic anyway. If you're not a pensioner or concession card holder you're not eligible for it.
  11. My rego last year was $430.00 12 months 1100cc dual seater.

    this year $400.30

    $30 cheaper this year.
  12. nah pensioner concession is different. anyone can have the 6 month option, pensioner discount is $14 per year for my bike, $200 a year for my car. i'm sole parent pensioner, might be different for aged/war vet
    elegibility includes pension - aged, parental, injured etc, veteran affairs etc, NOT for students etc
  13. They need to sell it better.

    So tell us that offer again Moira..

    You'll get a decorative "numberplate" which includes bonus letters, to assist in ID and revenue programs that help your state get better roads sooner.

    An insurance policy to cover damage you do to bus-loads of nuns, mums who push prams out in front of you at crossings or other vulnerable road-users you'll hurt.

    We'll throw in a "rego label" including self sticking feature and catchy "safety slogan", which doubles as a distraction to the simpler motorcyclist and lobby group who think putting it in a little tube is a personal right and statement of individuality.

    Then top off the deal with a follow up letter of offer to ensure our working relationship continues next year.

    All of this for less than the cost of a cup of coffee, tea or bonnox a day!

    Phone Now! Our lines are open.

    Back to you Bert..
  14. If I end up getting a 1800cc I'll be paying around 800 to 900 bux, but in saying that, comprehensive will be cheaper