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Just got my L's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Admiral Thrawn, Dec 24, 2006.

  1. Hi folks, new to the forum.

    I completed the two day Rider Safe course this past week and now am in the market for a first bike.

    I've pretty much decided on a GPX250; it's just a question of new or used, and if used, finding a good one. I'm 21yo, 5'8, 71kg.

    From Bolton's Kawasaki I can get one new for $6k w/ 2 yr warranty.

    However, I don't really want to spent $6k on a first bike when I'll be taking at least a $1k depreciation hit in the first year. More if I drop it.

    Ideally I'd like to find one a few years old in the $4xxx range, maybe even in the high 3's. That way I could sell it in 2 years for almost what I paid for it.

    Also, I'm budgeting around $1200 for gear.

    Aside from bikesales and bikepoint, does anyone know where I could find decent second-hand GPX250's?


  2. Hi James. Congrats on your Ls. I've just got mine too and am also looking at a GPX in the red/silver brand new. I've sat on my brother-in-law's 2002 model and also ridden as a pillion and can say that it really is quite a nice bike partcularly for the price. The things I like about it are the weight and the height because although i'm tall for a female (175cm/5'9") I still think I may have problems touching the ground on some bikes.
  3. Smart choice not going for brand new AT.
    not too sure where else you could look in Adelaide.
    I came across Bills motorcycles when I was searching for my 1st bike. they have some 2nd hand bikes online no idea about their rep though. I'm sure you could ask your local bike shop to call you if they have any 2nd hand GPX's.

    No harm in building a good relationship. :)
  4. Hi AT and good choice of bike - many happy kays should be had. Welcome to NR as well :)
  5. GPX250R is a great bike. I have one and it does everything I need for a first bike. Has plenty of power and style. I wont need to upgrade for a while.

    I personally don't trust dealers much, have a look through the classifieds. You can find some great deals.
  6. NR provide all the useful links James. Have a squiz. :wink:

  7. As I mentioned in my thread I got my gpx250 from a dealer, if you look around you can find some really nice dealers.
    Maybe see if you can grab a demo bike like I did?
    Good luck.
  8. Posted in another thread:

    So excited. Can't wait! :)
  9. Congrats AT. :)