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Just got my L's!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dimi, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Hey all, been reading this forum for a week or so but just signed up today. The day that i got my Learners Permit at H.A.R.T! woot woot. :)

    I've been dirt riding for most of my life on and off starting from an 80 all the way to a 250 and i still enjoy it as if its the very first day :) .

    Really loved the way they do things over there, great bunch to deal with. Now all thats left is to find a cheap bike (naked if possible) to furthur my practice! :cool:

    Know of any cheap naked bikes going round :?: I've been looking at Suzuki 250V's or Bandits as i like that kind of style and enjoy the comfortable wide seat, but i still have a soft spot for the fairing type and enjoy that look also even though its a bit more "ricey" :p

    When i say cheap i mean under 4k. Already spent about 1.8k on some quality gear to protect whats most important so have budgeted 4k for a decent bike that i wouldnt get used to too quickly as i adapt very quickly, and learn like speedy gonzalas. Something i can keep for a couple years atleast.

    Will keep reading all the theory i can about road riding etc... just thought i'd start my own thread :) :p


  2. Good work.

    I thought you chicken chasers use motards for the sealed stuff? :D

    I think it comes down to sitting on a bunch and going for a test ride if possible. Pick whatever feels best that fits your budget.
  3. I'm not sure if a person/dealer would allow a L-Plater for a test drive?

    LoL Chicken chaser ey :p

    So far i've only managed to sit on a bandit. Starting from monday i'm going to have some more time to try out a few more after looking up some places like a bike store in little latrobe st. Went along Elizabeth st but its mostly new bikes round there... although thats where i got to have a feel for the bandit (91 model and pretty shabby looking) which was $3500... what a joke...
  4. Congrats on passing, did you find the coarse easier or harder than expected?
    You should be able to find something decent with $4000.
    I'm also looking at the naked 250s and have these on my short list as far as nakeds are concerned.

    Suzuki gsf250v 1999-2000 Australian model not the older grey imports ($3000-4000)

    Yamaha FZX 250 Zeal ($3000-4000)

    Honda VTR250 1999-2007 (under $4000 will need to be a 1999-2002 model)

    Honda 250 Hornet ($3000-4000 but harder to find)

    Good luck and well done.
  5. Sounds like you are talking about Ray Quincey.

    If so check this one out if it's still available


    I think they also have or had a couple of VTR's under $4000 but with high millage.
  6. welcome to the tar, and to Netrider; good luck in your quest, just be prepared for the fact that the day after you buy, something, someone will come along and say, "Oh I know where there's a lower-mileage one of them for half the price!". :LOL:.
  7. That Yamaha FZX250 looks awesome! Is it too good to be true? cause coming monday im going into ray quincey to check it out!

    OscarA, i found the course easy enough, bar getting used to the bike at the very start, yet very informative and helpful in progressing my skills as a rider. I loved every second of it! I was one of the top riders in the emergency braking in the group the teacher told me so i was very happy about that. :)

    But thats exactly what i'd be practicing first, emergency braking, counter-steering, just getting to know the bike really and trying to get smoother.

    And Thanks Hornet... it always seems to be the case doesnt it :(
  8. yes the Zeal is a nice looking bike but before you go in ring to make sure it's not sold. I have seen a few Zeals on ebay as well and one recently sold in Vic for $2750 with no rego but in RWC so they do sell cheap enough but a little harder to find so good luck with it.
    I will be going for my learners on Tuesday so hopefully come Tuesday afternoon I'll also be celebrating.
    I'll be looking for a bike in a month or two so hopefully when the time comes I find something nice at a decent price.
    Let us know how you go on Monday.

    Good luck with the hunt.
  9. Went to see the Zeal today. Im planning on bringing my father with me as he has his full licence and has been riding for years and years but before i get into that, ive come up with some pro's and cons.

    The Right front shock-absorber seal looks like it has a bit or oil leakage, very slight but a leakage none-the less so i may need to replace the seal. Overall suspension is decent enough for its age so im happy with that.

    There is some minor surface rust around the mirrors and front brake box next to the handle, but thats nothing too major.

    Some scratches, 1 on tank and 1 on front wheel guard. But thats nothing too major either.

    The seat comes around the tank slightly and sort of tapers off, but that part is lifting off a bit and looks like it may have velcro or tape or something trying to hold it to the bike but i didnt look at it close enough.

    hazard switch doesnt seemt o want to slide to "on".

    Overall a clean looking bike.

    Blue, which is a nice colour :)

    Comfortable to sit on.

    Everything seems to work fairly well.

    Sprocket and chain seem alright too.

    So thats basically it for the moment. Cant say more until i get my dad to give it a test ride if possible and give me some proper feedback on how she runs because he's very mechanically minded. Hopefully no-one buys it before i get to have a 2nd look :).
  10. aslo got mine today at hart but in kilsyth bloody rapped , even with the rain it was a great day
  11. :grin: when you get your L's
    :grin: When you get your P's &
    :grin: every time you go for a ride.
  12. Yeh the rain doesnt seem to put a damper on such an exciting moment :)

    and Four40, you forgot a couple...

    :) thinking about riding
    :) talking about riding

    its a great feeling
  13. Well done & congrats. The guys up there are great & learning in the rain it's probably better to drop one of their bikes than your own.

  14. Ok update on the Zeal, No go.

    But im still looking :)
  15. Yerr I own a Zeal... have since 2005. I purchased mine from Motorcycle Disposals for a couple thousand with a broken front fender and a flat battery.

    Haven't had not 1 problem EXCEPT that the throttle is very touchy; I mean it wants to go go go. Idles at 2 so I don't know what the hell is going on.

    Have you considered a Postie?
  16. Good luck sticking to your budget. I wasn't going to spend a cent over $4,000 for my first bike... but well... :oops:
  17. I ride posties on the farm, and cant say im too excited about the way a postie rides. I wouldnt really want to take something like that on the fwy for example. I just feel its not suited to my needs as id also want to be able to carry a pillion later on and the posties dont have much power being 110cc i think it was? I want the option to go long term if funds dont allow me to upgrade, so i want to make a good choice off the block.

    And to Grumply, the budget is set it stone :)