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Just got my L's, now in need of some help :D

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by grey342, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. I've just acquired my Learners Permit yesterday and am now ready to buy my first bike!

    I'm a lightweight weighing about 60 kg standing at about 5 ft 6 or 7. I'm not sure if a 250 will be the best choice to gain confidence as of yet as they are quite a pain to move around (weight wise) and I have little experience only doing a beginners riding course and the actual test itself.

    I know 125's are good but constantly hear the power is lacking (I'm sure they are capable of hills just personally as of yet I'd need to build confidence) and I live around quite a hilly area. So I'm not sure if a 125 or 250 will be better as of yet, my budgets about 3.5 grand, and my options are basically a cbr 125, cbr 250rr, and a yamaha yzf r125. <--- sporty bikes fully faired is what I'm trying to go for... lol

    Any advice would be awesome I really need some help with this one. D:
  2. Got any mates with bikes?
    Probably help if you could get on one in a car park and putt around and see how they feel.
    Did you have to ride a bike at the L's course, if so what was it and how did you feel on it?
  3. where do you live? take my f'n bike for near half your budget?

    alternatively cut your hair - that will surely instill more confidence.

    but you are right on the money...don't get a 125 mate ...yeah you maybe nervous but the 250's are fine and still very forgiving....i started out on a gpx 250 and i'm about the same build as you (with fcuk all motorbike experience in my past)
  4. Nah don't know anyone with any actual road bikes, and yeah at the courses I road a ninja 250 and klx 250sf. Mind you I cant even flat foot a 250 -.-
  5. Hello.

    My advice to these types of question is always the same.

    250cc is the minimum you should realistically look for as your first bike. Yes your are nervous and apprehensive about the weight of the bike and your size - this will pass. Soon the weight of the bike will be a comfort, not a downside.

    Regarding the "fully faired - sporty look"

    I agree some of the new 250 and 125 "super-sport" bikes look the goods - however two things you should consider:

    1. If you drop the bike there are many more cosmetic surfaces which are expensive to replace
    2. Lightweight fully faired bikes get slammed by wind - even moreso as they are underpowered
    Try to sit on as many LAMS bikes you can - if in Melbourne check out the learner session........people will offer for you to sit on their bikes, feel the weight etc.......

    Long story short - I have always.....and will continue to advise the "best" LAMS bike is the VTR250 - it is naked, V-twin torque, and holds it's resale value exceptionally well.

    My 2c - take or leave.

    Welcome, be safe.
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  6. Haha im out in South Morang, and yeah, I could honestly do with a haircut.
    Well, I guess 250's will be alright, BUUUUT if i cant find any decent 250RR's a 125 would be alright for the time being yeah?
  7. im sure countless people will tell you ....cbr250rr's are normally shockingly maintained by countless learners before you and in general just absolutely fcuking thrashed....your honestly better off looking at a old kawasaki gpx 250 ..maybe a zzr 250...if your dead set on a 125 go a aprillia rs125 (doubt you'll find one in your budget though.) or a gsx250 across (it has what is comically known as a handbag - that being a boot/storage space where the tank normally is...enough to fit a helmet and some other small crap)


    the aprillia you will more than likely need a rebuild if it hasn't already been done but being a 2 stroker there will be more maintenance you need to worry about - apart from that it will be 43204823094820429 times more powerful than any of the other 4 stroke 125s...and with a experienced rider could also smoke some of the 250's.
  8. Ah alright, yeah well ill have a look around at gpx's/zzrs and will still have a look at cbr's but ill be weary of em.

    I reckon the aprilias out of the question though as nice as they are D: haha
  9. Have to agree with BitSar VTR250 think Greydog might still be selling hers?

    And find your way down to Sat practice in Elwood most if not all people there will let you sit on their bikes and there is a lot to be gained both from other learner s who had the same questions as you and of course the marvellous mentors who I suspect have forgotten more than I know.

    Cheers Jeremy
  10. Thanks for that I'll look into the VTR's, do some research on them :D and of course ill head over to the city one day and go around to all the shops and sit on as many bikes as possible :)
  11. No problem.....good luck with it......

    Welcome to the MOTO world :D
  12. Thanks for the info, really handy to know I can go down and gain some knowledge and sit on peoples bikes, sounds great. :)
  13. Highly recommend you do that. The bike I ended up on was barely on my radar because I just assumed it would be too heavy and difficult to manage, until I sat on it and suddenly realised it was absolutely perfect for me. I've never regretted the decision for a second.
  14. I used to think my VTR weighed a ton. Then I upgraded to the Z, and I think I could throw the VTR across the road with one hand. All relative.

    I wouldn't go any lower than the 250. But that's only my opinion.
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    Last edited: Dec 14, 2012
    Don't worry about weight too much and don't be nervous.
    After getting my Ls I purchased a CB400 from a guy in Ballarat.
    It was my first "real" experience on a bike, and I had to ride it home to Melbourne sitting on 110km/h in the bloody RAIN.
    If I can do that, you can manage a bigger bike.
    If you feel nervous then have more rider training
  16. Got any more info on the elwood thing? Is it on Tomorrow or next Saturday?? ;o
  17. It's on every Saturday, see the thread in Announcements VIC. However if the weather is bad, it's called off. Hawklord normally posts a Go/No Go post at around 8am ish if it's looking dodgy.

    ETA: Was about to put up the link but Bitsar beat me to it.
  18. If you haven't already budget for gear. That should be your first priority.
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  19. alrighty thanks for that