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Just got my L's, looking for Cruiser ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by LTK, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Gday all,
    First post just got my L's today, finally.
    I am a fairly tall bloke, roughly 6'4". And im thinking 'bout a cruiser for a first bike, such as a VT125 shadow, but to tell you all the truth. I have no idea what to get.
    Any suggestions ?

  2. If you are that tall then even the larger 250 cruisers will probably feel cramped.

    You might look at something like an XR250 trail bike just to get through your L and P plates perhaps.
  3. Try the VT250C, I'm six foot and I found that comfortable to sit on, just didn't like the cruiser style (personal choice) but ZRX1200R is right, something like one of the tall trail bikes like the XR250 or SL230 might be the go.
  4. Where are you - ie: do you have LAMS where you are? Try a V25 Custom - they're as big a 250 as I've seen.
  5. LAMS would be the power to weight ratio thing in VIC right ?
    If that is the case then no we dont have that in SA. Just a 250cc limit for L platers.
    nodz what didnt you like bout the cruiser style ?
  6. The Hyosung 250 Cruiser is a pretty big bike, and quite stylish too :)