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Just got my L's, heaps of questions.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by TGM, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Gday, I just got my L's today and I'm stoked, but I don't have a bike to ride yet and could do with some advice.

    I'm not going to be commuting at all, this will mostly be for fun in the twisties (when I get some skill) and eventually track days. For now I'm just going to practice in quiet backstreets.

    My plan is to get a cheap first bike to get me through my L's, been thinking of a cheap Sachs, seen a 150KN going for bout $1000 on bikesales with 2000km on the clock.

    Reason being, it's cheap and naked, I figured I won't mind if I drop it as much as a full faired sports bike. In a few months I will get something like a CBR250 but only when budget allows and when I'm more confident that I wont drop it in the driveway or something stupid like that. Is this a good strategy? Will I be able to make much money back on resale as I'll only keep this bike for a few months?

    Are there any other bikes that you could recommend? I was keen on a postie until I found out that they don't have a clutch...

    Also, how do I find out how much rego will cost? Does rego depend on the value of the bike or its capacity?

    How about track days, how do I get involved and how much do they cost?

    If any one has any more advice please feel free to add.

  2. Yes, because if you have a mindset that you will drop your bike, you probably will.
  3. How about a cheap, old cbr250 that you can drop in the driveway and will still get you through your L's/P's? Buying and then re-selling after a couple of months sounds like too much fuss to me. That way you can start putting $$ aside for the upgrade you'll want for those twisties and track days.
  4. Oran park ~130-140, Eastern Creek ~190-200 are the bigger ones. Both would be very fun on a cbr250. Need full leathers (can rent them on day), circuit breakers and champions ride days are who you book through.
  5. Why don't you just buy a naked (no fairing) bike and then if you drop it you won't do too much damage? I think that would outweigh the cost of buying and selling 2 bikes during your probationary period. I say stick with one and get to know it well. The Sachs may well turn you off riding, seeing as how you may get bored with the power or lack of comfort really quickly (not saying that sachs make a bad bike, just thinking of the possibilities).
  6. If you are buying a bike for the twisties then i don't think the strategy of buying a bike like the sachs and then going to the CBR250 would be too beneficial. Th CBR is already a light bike and should get you used to the weight of a bike plus it will be a whole lot more fun for the twisties and as someone else mentioned you don't wanna get bored before you get to the good bit.
  7. Or Broadford ~$119 or Phillip Island ~$199 (Melbourne-centric tracks)

    +1 get one bike to see you through.
  8. :)

    As R0SSC0 said it seems like too much of a hassle. If you want to ride sports bikes, just get a sports bike. Most of the older ones on bike sales etc are pretty scratched up anyway, so dropping it won't be that big of a deal. Getting a naked sports bike is another obvious option.

    Besides, chances are you would have a perfect ~few month run on the first bike, only to drop your shiny sports bike the first day you get it...Murphy told me so:p
  9. Somehow i thought of this at 12:30am watching the tennis but you want a bike that will be fun through the twisties, not too expensive and good for a track day or two.

    Have you thought of a 125/150 2 stroke, something like the Aprilia RS125 is light and sporty and will perform as well as a CBR from what i've heard.
  10. An RS125 will match it with a CBR250, but 2-strokes are a bit more maintenance-intensive (and tinker-addictive) than 4-strokes.

    I love the idea that naked bikes are better to drop than faired - so you scratch/crack something nice and cheap like the radiator or frame instead... :?

    The Sachs look like good city run-arounds, but not good for much beyond that. Get a real bike - GPXs and ZZRs can be had cheap and are great to learn on - little twin is more learner friendly than the 4-cyl 250 CBR/FZR/ZXR/GSXR.

    Have a read through the New Riders section - there are heaps of threads about first bike choice. If budget is that tight consider saving for a bit more so you can afford decent gear as well - or buy the gear before the bike so you don't run out of money for it.

    Rego does depend on capacity, but learners are cheap. The price of the bike will determine the stamp duty you have to pay when you transfer the rego.
  11. get a GPX.

    perfect for what you want to do..

    CBR250 prices are overinflated, i bought one when i was a learner and regretted it.
  12. hey cbrs are great bikes..... =[

    But yes over inflated prices. if yoru willin to wait like i did you'll get a gem.

    Rego for my bike is 400 ish i think. If you getting 2nd hand bike, try to get one with longer rego, then you dont have to worry about it xD
  13. Getting a proper sports bike first off does make more sense, just means I'll have to wait a bit longer.

    I think I'll look for a GPX but I may be able to get a CBR cheap from a relo which would be nice :D I'll also look into a two stroke. Hopefully insurance won't be too bad for a sports bike.

    Track days sound like they're worth it, much cheaper that doing it in a car by the sounds of it.

    I'm glad rego is cheaper too, my car rego just stung me for $600...

    Have read through all the stickies and they have lots of great information, this forum is really good.

    Thanks for the advice.
  14. btw if you are after a two-stroke, good value sports bike, I'll be selling mine soon (<<<<<<). Would take a $3500 offer if someone makes one now, otherwise I will be selling it in a month or two, will be posting it here. :)
  15. Thanks for the offer but I'm not too keen on a two stroke as I don't know much about how they work. I'm sure it's not a massive leap from a four stroke but I plan on doing my own maintenance so I'm gonna stick with what I know a bit about.

    A mate of mine got his L's with me and is in the same situation though, I'll show him this thread and PM you if he's interested.
  16. No problems. :)

    (FWIW, I find the maintenance on a two stroke easier to deal with than four strokes. Just keep fresh spark plugs in it, rebuild the top end every 12000ks and in the mean time you don't have to worry about cam belts, chains, valves etc etc)
  17. thats because you dont have oil to change, no oil filter. just top up 2 stroke oil wen you fuel up....
  18. That's right :grin: and the gearbox oil lasts much longer as it is not exposed to the combustion area. And I only have to top up 2 stroke oil about every 5 tanks of fuel.

    (sorry for sending this ot!)
  19. i might be interested morbo. was looking at a rs250 but they are bringing in demerit points for learners who arent on lams bikes, not just the fine so i might be interested in yours.
  20. I'll pm you mate - I should put the details up in a separate thread over the weekend so I don't hijack this thread to much :grin:

    Edit: and also standard disclaimer about people riding bikes outside their license rules: It's not the fine or the demerit points you should worry about - it's the lack of insurance etc that can see you regretting it for a fair while if you get in strife. Just had to fulfil my duty :grin: