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Just got my license... WOO HOO!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by FLYREX, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. So as of about an hour ago, I now have my full motorcycle license... albeit with standard engine cc restrictions for 12 months.

    None the less, I'm absolutely wrapped :grin:

    WOO HOO :cool:
  2. congrats! :D

  3. Good on you Flyrex. Well done! I remember the fantastic feeling of achievement not so long ago myself.
  4. congrats. where did you do yours and how much?
  5. Congrats, now the learning really begins!
  6. Congrats !!!!

  7. Well done.
    Don't worry about restrictions. It's better to be riding anything than not riding and you can have plenty of fun on a LAMS bike.
  8. Congrats. So are you going shopping now?
  9. whats on the shopping list?
  10. Thanks everyone.

    I did my license test at HART in Tullamarine (Melbourne) - cost was $240 for the day of riding, the test and license. Great folk at HART who helped make the process pretty straight forward and a bunch of fun. I also did my learners there and had a great time doing it so I had no hesitation in going back there again for my license.

    Bike plans have had me constantly changing my mind for a while now. I've been practising on my friend's RGV which is a great little bike to ride. It's very light and feels quite zippy at times so I've considered buying it off him as he keeps telling me he'd like to get a bigger bike. Having said that, I'd love to get a 600 one day, maybe an R6, cbr or a gixxer. Either way, it'll still be a little while away before I'm ready for a bigger bike.
  11. congrats on the fulls, so wots ya thinking of getting now? :D
  12. Congrats :beer: . Always great to pass any test.