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Just got my license - First real accident

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by DirtyWizard, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. On Saturday I did my license test and got some great feedback about my skill level.

    I've been riding 7 months and had a new CBR250r most of that time. On Weds decided to take the long way home and was traveling south along Orrong road about 5 min earlier it had started to lightly sprinkle. I came to the small roundabout at Robertson Rd and took a pretty straight line through the roundabout. I gave it a squirt on the throttle and the next thing I know I'm sliding feet first looking at my bike spin towards the right into the on coming lane. Adrenaline is a wonderful hormone I jumped to my feet and started to pick the bike up when a guy jumps out of his car and helps me. He was a gixxer 750 rider and expressed his sadness at my demise. I rang my 8 1/2 months pregnant wife who came and picked me up. On her way over I started to feel pretty bad and when she got to me we went straight to the hospital.

    Around 10 xrays later I was release with no real injuries besides soreness. Anyway next day I had bouts of nausea and dizziness had a CT and no obvious problems with the head. I reckon I was going somewhere between 30-50ks prob closer to 50 it was a bout a 20m slide on my arse and back. The roundabout had heaps of oil on it and I reckon I've lost the front wheel but it was so quick I'm pretty unsure. What I've learnt is cockiness and inexperience are a bad mix (At 40 I probably should of already recognised this).

    Good gear probably no definately saved me from serious injury. I need a new helmet but my jacket and pants are strangely hardly damaged.

    As for the bike well I think It could be a write off. Damaged right blinker and fairing. The steering alignment is out of wack I think the right bar might be bent the bar end grazed and bent as is the front brake lever. The nut at the end of the front right suspension (holds the front wheel on) is almost ground away. The exhaust cover is grazed badly and i think the exhaust itself is out of alignment. The back brake lever is bent as well.

    Feeling pretty stupid really as I reckon I probably mostly caused the crash. ](*,)
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    Atleast your ok mate. Some aren't so lucky. Now go be a new dad :)
  3. +1 go be a new dad :)

    Glad you didn't get seriously hurt though. That was almost like a deja vu to me. Similar sort of thing happened that caused my GS500F to be written off. And that was my first real accident too! ](*,)
  4. Back to riding school for you.
  5. Glad you're okay apart from some soreness which I'd imagine included your pride. You'd think by 40 the sensibility gland should be well formed but alas, even at (nearly) 50 it fails to do its job from time-to-time. Doesn't take much to write a bike off these days, if your exhaust is toast, that'll go a long way towards pushing it down that path.

    Best wishes for the wife, yourself and the impending new mini-wizard.

    Cheers, Blaise
  6. I'm glad to hear you're OK, and equally glad to see that you're not over-analysing the event. It was an accident, and being wise after it won't change it or how it happened. And, apart from making you a bit more careful on roundabouts and wet roads, there's not much else you can say about it.

    Now's the time to be thinking about her and the baby; insurance will look after the rest.
  7. And I really disagree with this!
    Understanding how you came off should most certainly help you avoid it in future, so a bit of self-analysis is actually worthwhile.
  8. front probably washed out. goes down fast, just bang wtf. roundabouts suck. always full of oil and off camber.

    sorry you have to answer to a pregasaurus. that's probably more scarey.
  9. Speaking of oil... Mona Vale Rd (westbound) has spots spaced approximately 30m apart for nearly its entire length! It actually starts on Pittwater Rd @Bayview and continues all the way to St Ives. I reckon it from a outboard as the boat ramp exit to Pittwater Rd is when it appears to start.
  10. Cheers for your comments everyone. Still getting bouts of nausea and dizziness but they seem to be getting better over time. I've realised I dont really remember coming off only the loss of traction and then the end of the slide probably lost a second or 2 of memory. I'm of the opinion that you can learn something from all experiences in life and I appreciate the possible causes some of you have put forward. I believe that I wont make the same mistake again. I realise I came into the roundabout too fast and accelerated roughly out of it. Mistakes I wont make again.

    Anyway cheers for the support and solidarity and I hope to see you on the roads sometime
  11. glad you're ok, let the insurance take care of the bike,turn your attention to the missus and little one, and see you maybe in about 10 years? In other words, 'go be a good dad'!!
    I stared at 48 [riding] so NEVER too late, family's number one!! Health I should say is number one, by a lotto ticket..
  12. Yep, I'm just up from Mona Vale, McCarrs Creek rd isn't any better, what with the oil, leaf litter, boats dumping water, fuel, oil etc
  13. hmm, principle is sound but I disagree for two reasons.
    First is that I doubt a cbr250r could spin up the rear even when on ice.
    Second is that spin is just as likely cause by the front washing wide and rear going straight like it should. This would also explain the bike going straight towards oncoming lane

    I definitely agree with your second point, but in this case it's either non sequitur or completely straight forward. An oily and wet roundabout and a bike down for a slide? Bit like trying to analyse how one and one make two - it just does, no one cares how.

    Good luck with the new one dirty.
  14. I know the feeling mate, it really sucks, I had a similar incident in 2009, wet tires, left hand turn, a bit too much throttle and there it goes..

    But I suppose "Our greatest glory is not never falling over, but in rise every time after we fall." Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC)

    We live and learn, just take it easy... Sh** happens....
    All the best to your new baby and hope to see you on the road again