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Just got my licence!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bradcurran, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. I just got my licence on Monday at HART Somerton and a fellow tester mentioned this site, so here I am. :)

    I'm keen to be an active member of this forum.

    Also, I'd like to thank the queen for giving me a day off to get my licence. :D
  2. Welcome to Netrider Brad and congrat's on getting your ticket. Now get out on that VTR and clock up those kays :biker:
  3. Hey wd n welcome
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    Congrats and welcome to the forums.

  5. welcome to NR, if you pop down to the prac sessions sat morn behing the bp servo next to st kilda marina, say to some people, even tho you have your licencse, meet some folk and start gettin out on rides, a few people round your neighbourhood that ride, oh and, congrats on getting your license :)
  6. Welcome to this motorcycleing life . Be informed and enjoy the ride
  7. G'day Brad. My girlfriend also got her licence on queens B'day weekend! She's yet to get a bike, but defo defo defo get down to the L plater saturday morning sessions. They're worth a mint to learners, and everyone is welcoming and friendly. See you there!
  8. Good job OP.....great choice of bike......

    Welcome (y)
  9. Welcome to NR. :)
  10. :) when I say I got my licence I mean my restricted licence.
  11. Welcome!, I'm also new to this site. Happy and safe riding.
  12. Hi Brad, and welcome :)

    When I first joined only a couple of months ago, I was advised to go to the Tuesday L Plater ride. I've been twice and it's been quite enjoyable meeting new people and going for a cruise.

    See you round!
  13. As a brand new rider, probably better to come to the Sat learners's session b4 going on the Tuesday night ride. I went on one of those too early and not only had a (mild) off, but also scared the crap out of myself. At least the Sat session is in a carpark, and there's plenty of people to give you advice and help you with the finer points of getting used to manouvering etc. On the Tues ride, you're on your own a lot (albeit in a group ride), and also out on the main roads in the dark.

    Anyway, you decide.
  14. He said in an earlier post that he just got his restricted license (So I'm assuming P's) :)
  15. Oh ok must have missed that. Should be Ok then if he's been riding a bit.
  16. I've been riding for about a year now. Is the Tuesday session open to non L platers?
  17. Yes it is, there are always people who aren't on their L Plates. I'm not, but I find it is at a nice pace. Come down tonight :)