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Just got my learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by doxxus, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. And it was fairly easy. Everything passed on the first go, no offs, got "mad props" for counter steering around someone who stacked ahead of me, good day in general.

    Now to find and buy a bike and some gear

  2. You sound just like me a couple of months ago.

    It is really good fun getting out there to get the gear and the bike. I'd not ever had a bike before and did all the shopping myself. thank god I came across an "honest" salesman on the first go (Thanks Johnny O) and then found even more honest people where I bought my bike.

    I was a bit of a sceptic when looking for the bike thinking they were like car salesmen... but nothing like it. These guys all have bikes (generally) therefore they wont want you riding a dud.. so i found that experience quite comforting...

    I got the helmet and jacket in one go, then the bike. Then I gradually started getting other gear.. now have my draggin's and boots, a good tank bag and bike cover from ALDI. It seems never ending the stuff you can buy though..

    And the main thing I tell everyone, is just have fun while ya doing it. I did, am and will...
  3. Congrats Dude, good luck with the bike hunting :)
  4. No problemo, here to help, thanks :grin:
  5. this is me 2 weeks from now.....

    the difference is ... i got my helmet and jacket... and a bike soon... haha but no license yet
  6. it was pretty fun, started raining a tad but stopped just after lunch. then we split into groups of 6 to practice the test course, our group finished 30 minutes before the other group. the guy saying he was gonna buy an R1 and fang it everywhere had to do every test twice, along with the writing test. otherwise, it was a fun day.

    it was a mix of people as well, 1 middle aged guy, a few p plater girls and guys, me and some other guy who were about 20-somethings, and another middle aged lady, and everyone passed. some had a bit more trouble than others, but the guys at armstrong were pretty good
  7. well the only day i'm on Elizabeth st when i go to the city happens to be on a day when all the motorbike shops are closed. all i wanted to do was get an idea for bike size and gear costs :/
  8. yeah, I learnt pretty quickly that you don't go bike shopping on a sunday. Sunday is riding day!
  9. Well done on passing AND the countersteer :applause:
  10. you got your bike yet? do it soon !!! its bloody awesome! haha dont get from dealer..... you should be able to find relatively late model cheaper or even better for the same price.