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Just got my first bike...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by UglyCam, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone, I've just signed up to net rider and thought I'd introduce myself. I've just started riding, and bought my first bike a few days ago. I picked up a 1996 Honda Hornet 250 (curse of the learner's permit). Anyway, thought this site was interesting so I signed up. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to say here, so I guess I'll just say that yes, I'm a student, but I work full time, so my posts may be few and far between. Anyway, hope to speak to you all in the forums.

    - Cam.
  2. Welcome Cam - enjoy the ride and post whenever you can
  3. hi and welcome Cam
  4. Hello Cam - welcome to the forums :grin:
  5. [​IMG] Welcome to NR :cool:
  6. Problem Solving

    Thanks for the welcomes, I appreciate that. I can't believe how useful this forum is! I'd had my bike for a whopping 30 minutes before I realised the battery was flat. Well, actually, I didn't realise it myself, I jumped on NR and somebody else had had all the same problems as me. So, one new battery later, I'm finally up and running. Just trying to get comfortable on the roads at the moment before I start commuting.

    Two last notes of thanks, to everyone who has asked about or written about battery/electrical problems in the forums - you saved me a lot of stressing. And to everyone who wrote in the forums praising Hornets to others (I spent a lot of time browsing the forums before I decided what type of bikes to look at), because I couldn't be happier with bike.

    Thanks again - Cam.
  7. Hey Cam.
    Yup for Tech issues, these forums a real handy.